I know he's feeling very constant so please revert Daniel's voice in an instant!
~ Emma

“Witch's Flu”
Season 1, Episode 17
Witch's Flu
Air Date

January 27, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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Witches' Flu is the 17th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma gets the flu and can't control her powers. The Principal takes a special interest in Maddie.



  • Emma starts to get sick.
  • Maddie threatens Ursula to make her the Chosen One.
  • Emma broke Maddie's spell and turned Daniel's voice back to normal.
  • Daniel told Emma that she is beautiful.
  • Daniel brings Emma soup and comforts her when she's sick.
  • Emma accidently gives Daniel a unibrow and puts him in one of her dad's shirts.
  • Maddie and the Panthers want to change the theme of the dance bcause cowboy hats make her head look big.
  • It is shown that the flu makes her weak and can't cast spells with her hands.
  • The Prinicpal tricks Maddie into thinking she is her guardian, not Ursula.
  • Maddie now believe she is the Chosen One, thanks to the Principal, and that her mother lied to her.
  • Mr. Alonso tells Emma to stay away from Daniel.
  • He asks the T3 to figure out what's causing all these strange things to happen while Emma is around.
  • Emma returned Daniel's eyebrows back to normal, but accidently got rid of Katie's.
  • Daniel asks Emma to the dance, but she declines, since it's the night of the eclipse.


Mac: Man, puberty is hittin' you hard.
Diego: Oh come on it can't be that bad.
Mac: Say something. Show him, c'mon, c'mon!
Diego: Better yet, sing something.
Daniel: Figaro Figaro Figaro (Diego and Mac start laughing)
Tony: Hi guys.
Daniel: Hey Tony, what's up?
Tony: I know I don't have the manliest voice, but c'mon!
Daniel: Oh, no, I'm not imitating you!
Tony: I don't sound like that!
Diego: Actually you do sorta sound like that!
Daniel: He does not!
Tony: I do not!
Daniel: Tony I cant, (after Emma fixes his voice) stop talking like this. My voice, it's back!(Diego and Mac groan)
Mac: It was just starting to get fun.
Sophie (reminding Maddie): Diego
Maddie: Hi Diego. You and I never finished our conversation yesterday.
Diego: About?
Katie: The dance, duh! You were about to ask someone to go with you.(pointing to Maddie)
Diego (in amazement): I was?! (checks hair in mirror) Who?
Maddie: ME, and I'm waiting!
Diego (shocked): You want to go to the dance with ME?
Maddie: How unexpected! I'm so flattered. My answer is yes! Wonderful. We're done here.
Diego (going after her): Wait, I'm not going to the dance with you.
Maddie: Oh, if it's because of Daniel, don't worry. He's no gonna ask me to-
Diego (cutting her off): No, it's because of you. You're a witch and I have to stay away from you.
Katie: Did he just? (nervously laughs)
Daniel: Hey Katie, hey Sophie.
Katie: Hey Dan- Oh my Panther. What is that?! (pointing to his unibrow)
Sophie: Squirrel!! (screams and beats up Daniel)
Maddie [later(to Katie)]: Look! There's Daniel.
Katie: Maddie, there's something you should know about Daniel.
Maddie: Hey Daniel, guess who's gonna- (seeing his face)*screams*
Daniel: What?
Maddie: What's with the- (signaling his unibrow)
Daniel: I'm still me.
Maddie: Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
Sophie (seeing him again): SQUIRREL!! *screams and beats Daniel up again*


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