Relax, you should be grateful. Now you won't have your powers stolen, by me.

“Which Witch is Which?”
Season 1, Episode 19
Air Date

January 29, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer


Arturo Manuitt & Leonardo Galavis

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The Chosen One

Which Witch is Which? is the 19th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way.


Daniel learns that Maddie and Emma are witches, while the principal prepares for the eclipse. Diego finds out that Julio betrayed him. Emma and Andi discover great news about Emma.



  • Daniel finds out that Emma,The Principal, Lily, and Maddie are Witches.
  • Daniel finds out Diego is a Kanay.
  • Diego and Mac find a book about kanays and drawings of what will happen during the eclipse.
  • Daniel gives the song he wrote for Emma to Maddie.
  • Diego overheard the Principal and Coach Julio's plan, which involved Diego disintergrating, which he seemed hurt by.
  • Daniel comes over to ask Emma why she and Andi were at Maddie's house.
  • He overhears Emma and the Principal's conversation while hiding.
  • Emma teleports Daniel to the pool when the Principal suspects someone else was in the room.
  • Maddie still believes the Principal is her guardian.
  • Daniel is freaked out after being sent to the pool.
  • Emma and Andi find the birthmark, proving Emma's the Chosen One.
  • The Principal catches them in school and threatens the gang.
  • Emma goes to Maddie for help.


Maddie: The Principal thought we shredded all the copies but, I managed to sneak one out. I have to find a good hiding spot for this, just in case
Katie: In case, what?
Maddie: Someone tries to steal it! Somebody was in my room today. (shows Katie the picture of her dad she stepped on)
Katie: You look just like your father.
Maddie: That's not the point. This was in my trunk, my LOCKED trunk.
Katie: It had to be Emma.
Maddie: You mean she was just in here? Ugh! And ew! And, the nerve!
Katie: Is your mom still convinced Emma's poof?
Maddie: She might be or she might using it as an excuse to cry on Mr. Alonso's shoulder.
Sophie: Anyone could have gotten into this trunk. I mean, who doesn't know how to pick a cheap lock like this one? (Maddie glares at her) You do look just like your dad! Very, distinguished.
Diego (barging in with Tony and Mac): Daniel! Daniel!
Tony: Thank goodness we found you!
Daniel: What's going on?
Diego: I have magic powers. (Daniel freezes)
Tony: He must be in shock.
Daniel: You too?!
Mac: Wait, so you know about Maddie?
Daniel: Maddie?
Tony: Nurse Lily?
Daniel: Nurse Lily?!
Diego: The Principal?
Tony: Oh, must be Emma. What are the odds we all guessed wrong (he, Diego and Mac laugh)


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