You're turning down the Chosen One?
~ Emma to Ursula

“What If?”
Season 4, Episode 15
Air Date

July 24, 2015

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Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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Forever Charmed

What If? is the 15th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma's search for a time manipulation spell causes a huge rift between her and Andi; Diego searches for more Kanays.



  • Emma informs Andi she is going to go back in time to save her mother.
  • Andi refuses to help Emma.
  • Emma threatens Andi to stay out of her way.
  • Andi informs the Council that Emma wants to bring her mother back and of her threat.
  • Lily instructs Andi to inform the Hexoren of the current situation with Emma.
  • Diego feels lonely without other Kanays.
  • Daniel encourages Diego to talk with Mia.
  • It's revealed that the Van Pelt family made Diego an honorary member.
  • Andi informs the hex of the situation with Emma and instructs it to not help her.
  • Emma overhears Andi and the Hexoren's conversation.
  • Andi tries to persuade Emma not to go back in time.
  • Emma tells Andi she will never become her guardian.
  • The Hexoren refuses to help Emma.
  • Jax shows Liana how to work the security system.
  • Emma asks Maddie to borrow some magic books.
  • Emma informs Maddie, Ursula, Diego, Katie and Sophie of her desire to learn time manipulation spells.
  • Ursula refuses to give Emma her spell books.
  • Emma informs Jax that everyone has "turned against her".
  • Liana overhears the conversation between Jax and Emma.
  • Liana informs Jax and Emma of Jake's library.
  • Emma and Jax find a magic spell book.
  • The Hexoren leaves Emma; due to her not being very nice.
  • Daniel again asks for progress on going back to the Everglades.
  • It's revealed that Mia's cousins are not Kanays.
  • Diego vows to find more Kanays.
  • Emma's new spell book finds a time manipulation spell.


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Diego (to Maddie): So, um, Daniel gave me Mia's address in Vero Beach, so I thought that maybe me and you could pop up there so I could talk to her about Kanays.
Maddie (with the Panthers doing her nails): I don't understand this sudden interest in you Kanayness.
Katie: I think it's Kanayism.
Sophie: Pretty sure it's Canadians. (realizes something) Oh, are you all from Saskatchewan? It's my favorite province!
Diego: Uh, no. Sorry. And (to Maddie) it's about being a part of something bigger than myself. And I just, I just want something more, you know? Like you have your family, the Panthers, and the whole Van Pelt Coven.
Maddie: But after the reunion, we've made you an honorary member of the coven.
Ursula (walking in with a can of air freshener): Oh, I thought I heard the hero of the Van Pelt reunion in here! How is my favorite little guy? (she hugs him, she then pulls away and sprays air freshener around him)
Maddie (standing up, offended): Mother!
Ursula: I'm sorry! I'm trying okay! (wraps an arm around him) Alright. How would you like me to make you a snack? I make a mean French Toast!
Maddie: She means French bread that she burns in the toaster.
Ursula (barely breathing): One French Toast, coming up! (she leaves, spraying air freshener again)
Andi (with a guilty expression): Emma, I-look, I can explain...
Emma (mad): I can't believe you would sink this low. Talking to Hex about me behind my back?
Andi: I wasn't talking behind your back. *Emma gives her a look* Okay, I was, but look, I'm trying to help you. You just can't see it-
Emma: Oh and you can?
Andi: Yes! You're so excited about the possibility that you might be able to bring your mom back that you just can't see the danger.
Emma: What do you know about it?
Andi: A lot. I've seen 900 of the "1000 Must-See Sci-fi movies."
Emma: Only 900?
Andi: I've been busy! Look, every time someone tries to change the past, a huge, major disaster happens.
Emma (sarcastically): Oh yeah? Like What?
Andi: Like someone disappearing from existence-
Emma: Already almost happened, with Daniel, but I prevented it.
Andi (stressing her point): Or the whole course of history could be changed! Especially if someone with your kind of power is involved.
Andi (looking at the card Gigi gave her): Wait, what's this?
Gigi (holding a big bowl of ice cream): The warning. Anybody who orders "The Dumpster" is required to read it before eating-restaurant policy.
Andi (reading it): Ooh I get a free T-shirt if I finish the whole thing?
Gigi: Yeah, no one's ever won the shirt. Now can you hurry up? My arms are getting tired! *Andi puts the card down and Gigi gives her the ice cream* (shouts) We've got a dumpster contestant here!
Andi: Whoa, whoa, Gigi! What gives?
Gigi: It's part of the whole thing. It was on the warning card. *eats the cherry and leaves*
Jessie (after walking in and pushing Andi's head into the ice cream): That's for what you did!
Andi (wiping ice cream off her face and standing in front of her): Oh, no, you did not! Wait, what did you think I did?
Jessie: You turned the Hex against Emma!
Andi: Shh! Keep it down!
Jessie: You're just jealous because Emma is an amazing witch and you're just a lame human with even lamer shoes.
Andi: What, hey-these shoes are bomb.
Jessie: Okay, they're kinda cool. But you're still a jealous, lame, human!
Diego: So, tell me about the other kanays in your family.
Mia: Both my parents were Churi Kanays, but we didn't see relatives very much. We were too busy running away from witches. *directing this at Maddie, who rolled her eyes and crossed her arms*
Diego: What about you cousins? The ones that live here.
Mia: They're not kanays. They must not have inherited the genes.
Diego: Just think, are there any other Kanays? 'Cause this could be really good for the both of us.
Mia: I never knew any. Maybe they didn't exist. Maybe the witches got them all *also directed at Maddie*
Maddie (defensive): Hey! Don't look at me! Proxy and I are trying to fix witch-kanay relations. (looking at Diego) Our love will heal all the wounds of the world! (They hold hands)
Mia: Well, the only kanays to fences with might all be in this room.
Maddie: Proxy, I'm so sorry. I mean, we tried. But uh, can we back to America now?
Diego: There's no reason to be sorry because I'm not giving up. (to Mia) We may not know of other kanays right now but there out there somewhere and I'm gonna find them.
Maddie (to Diego): And I'll go with you. (They hug)