Maybe not, but, I know Maddie Van Pelt, and Maddie Van Pelt ALWAYS gets what she wants.
~ Maddie to Jax

“The Fool Moon”
Season 2, Episode 5
Emma And Daniel7
Air Date

July 11, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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The Fool Moon is the 5th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Desdemona takes a job at Iridium High so she can help Emma through the full moon; Andi and Maddie discover Jax's true nature; Daniel and Emma hit a rough patch.



  • This is the second time Emma's mother Maria is mentioned in this episode.
  • The Fool Moon turns Desdemona evil.
  • Emma breaks the love spell between her dad and Maddie's mom.
  • Daniel and Emma have a temporary fight.
  • Jax finally meets Maddie face-to-face.
  • Jax gets pranked by the T3.
  • Andi gets jealous of Desdemona bonding with the Hex.
  • Diego desperately tries to win Maddie's apology.
  • Desdemona warns Emma about the Fool Moon, and vows to help her, since her mother helped her during the last one.
  • Jax glues Andi's feet to the floor and steals the Spell-O-Vision goggles.
  • Robbie and Tommy fall in love with Andi after eating a piece of the love pie.


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Diego: That was...really nice what you said Maddie, and I wanted to tell you that, I forgive you for forcing me to be your Proxy.
Maddie: You, forgive me? (they laugh) It's me who has to forgive you for ditching. And I don't!
Andi: Wait! (to Robbie and Tommy) Stay. (they sit, looking defeated) The pie! There's residual spell matter on that pie!
Emma: Residual what?
Andi: See for yourself. It's the same stuff I saw trailing off Jax when he cheated at the tryouts.
Emma (looking at the pie w/ the spell-o-vision goggles): Oh no! My dad must've looked at Ursula right after eating the pie, and they (Robbie and Tommy) must've looked at you right after they ate the pie! That's why-
Andi (cutting her off): No, that's just because I'm super cool and awesome.
Andi (envious): Look at her, buttering Hex up. (mocks her) and you, are definitely the most interesting!
Emma: Aww are you jealous?
Andi (in denial): No, I'm just saying. You take care of something, make sure its pages aren't creased. You expect a little loyalty, you know? (Desdemona leaves the Hex to talk to Emma. Andi jumps up.) My turn!(runs to the Hex.)
Desdemona: I didn't finish telling you about the Fool Moon.
Agamemnon: Oh yeah! We were interrupted by Dan-
Desdemona: Daniel, who you obviously haven't broken up with.
Emma: And I'm not going to.
Desdemona: Stubborn, just like your mother.
Emma: Right! You knew my mother. Did you know her well, were you friends?
Desdemona: We were, good friends. She helped me through a tough Fool Moon twenty years ago.
Emma: What do you mean a tough, Fool Moon?
Desdemona: The Fool Moon affects all witches and wizards differently. It can make our powers grow even stronger or...disappear completely. It's effect on me was particularly strong.
Emma: What happened to you?
Desdemona: I don't remember, much, but the Fool Moon can make your personality change, and it changed mine so much that I barely knew who I was.
Emma: Wow.
Desdemona: But Maria, helped me get through it.
Emma: What if the Fool Moon has a strong effect on me?
Desdemona: Well that's why I'm here. And I will stay with you until it's over. I hope I can help you the same way your mother did for me.