Emma teletransports into pool 406
Name Teleportation/Teletransportation
Usage The ability to instantly transport oneself and another person from one place to another
User(s) Emma Alonso
Maddie Van Pelt
Jax Novoa
The Principal
Evil Emma
Jake Novoa
Liana Woods
First Appeard The Big Rescue
Last Appeared A Girl's Sacrifice
Teletransportation is the magical ability, possessed by Witches and Wizards, to transport themselves from one place to another without physically occupying the space in between. Emma seems to be the only known witch or wizard who has difficulty with this power as seen when she tends to always send herself and others to the pool no matter what way she says her spells, but it is unknown if the effects are still the same because she was able to send The Principal to Limbo with almost no hesitation or stress.

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  • This ability cannot be used during electric storms or it could have fatal effects on the user.