The Terrible 3 (also known as T3) are Daniel Miller's sibling's group name. The Terrible 3 include Robert, Tommy and Melanie Miller. They pull big pranks on people. In Season 3, the T3 want to stop the H2O (Diego's cousins, Hector and Oscar), who are new pranksters, from becoming Miami's top pranksters.

List of People They Have Pranked Edit


  • Their grandma gives them the money to buy the supplies for their many pranks.
  • They never liked Maddie when she was dating Daniel but they love Emma.
  • In Season 2, Melanie wanted Daniel to get pranked instead of Jax during the play.
  • Mel is usually the smartest of the 3. 
  • They will have a rivalry with H2O in Season 3.
  • Robbie usually makes inventions for them.


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