Things are heating up!
~ Season 3 Tagline

Season 3


Premiere Episode

Beachside 7

Premiere Date

January 5, 2015

Finale Episode

New Witch Order

Finale Date

January 30,2015


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Season 3 is Every Witch Way's third season, which was first confirmed by Just Jared Jr. on July 31, 2014.[1] Filming started in October and the first episode premiered January 5, 2015. It consists of 20 episodes.


The summer’s almost over and the kids are enjoying the beach and their time off. Diego, Gigi, and Emma are working at The Beachside 7, whilst Daniel is the new lifeguard. This is the gang’s new hangout place, where The Panthers and Andi hang out.

Meanwhile, Jax is stuck attending Rebel’s Boot Camp as punishment for trying to destroy the Magic Realm. The rest of the gang also meet a mysterious troublemaker, Mia. She is a rebellious Kanay with a short temper, impulsive nature, laser sharp magic skills…and a thing for Daniel. Daniel and Emma's relationship is very stable at first, but with Emma's interest in Jax growing, and Mia sending a spider seal onto Daniel, thus having the power to control him, things are just starting to heat up.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  1. Beachside 7
  2. Rebel Emma
  3. Always You
  4. Breaking All the Rules
  5. Neverending Summer
  6. Daniel Darko
  7. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  8. Spider No More
  9. Back to Back
  10. El Cristal de Caballero
  11. Kanay vs. Kanay
  12. Invisible Me
  13. The Truth About Kanays
  14. Zombie Rescue Team
  15. Enchanted Ever After
  16. Kangaroo Jax
  17. Defiance
  18. Magical Throwdown
  19. The Kanay Strikes Back
  20. New Witch Order

Appearance (by Episode)


  • Nick Merico said on his Instagram that after the kiss between Daniel and Mia, he didn't say his line and he stared at Elizabeth Elias for a few seconds. Elizabeth posted the footage of it.
  • Diego, Gigi, and Emma worked at The Beachside 7 which was the gang's new hangout.
  • Mia is a new student at Iridium High and Hector and Oscar, a.k.a. the H2O, are new rivals of the T3.
  • Mia tried to take down the Chosen One.
  • Daniel and Mia were lifeguards.
  • Philip returned in this season.
  • Mia and Diego embarked on a Kanay vs Kanay battle.
  • Emma chose Jax in the finale, after a fan vote.
  • Peace was restored between Witches and Kanays.
  • Andi became the first human Guardian in training.
  • Philip became a human.
  • This is the first time there is a fan vote for who Emma should end up with.
  • This is the second time overall where there is a fan vote.
  • This was Mia's first and only time as a main character.


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Every Witch Way (Season 3) - Promo 1

Every Witch Way (Season 3) - Promo 1


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