I'm not gonna do anything to put Emma in any danger ever again.
~ Jax to his dad

“Road Trippin'”
Season 4, Episode 2
Air Date

July 7, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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A World Without You


Ever in the Everglades

Road Trippin' is the 2nd episode of Season 4, and the 68th episode of Every Witch Way.


When a magical private investigator gets a lead on Daniel's location, the gang takes a road trip.



  • Lily says there has only been one other documented CB.
  • Emma tries to get Jax to remember Daniel.
  • Sophie is the new captain of the Sharks.
  • Sophie suggests using a Magic PI (private investigator) to find Daniel.
  • It is revealed that Ursula uses the Magic PI to spy and collect pictures of Emma's dad, Mr. Alonso.
  • Jax's father wants him to find out if Emma is the cause of the shift in the magic realm energy field recently.
  • The PI gives her three leads on Daniel, that end up being false. Later, she gives her another lead, suggesting he works at an animal sanctuary in the Everglades.
  • Lily agrees to chaperone their trip to the Everglades.
  • Gigi overhears and blackmails Diego into letting her go.
  • Jax disobeys his father's orders and takes one of his cars on the road trip.
  • Emma and Jax apparently have their own secret spot.
  • Lily, the Panthers, Diego, and Gigi get lost behind Emma, Jax, and Andi, and a creature may be nearby them.
  • Daniel was absent in this episode for the first and only time.
  • Emma is slowly starting to lose her memories of Daniel.


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Jax: So "Daniel" and I obviously didn't get along, and you just chose me over him and now you want us to go and find him and make him remember all of that?
Emma: Yes! (He looks upset) It's not what is sounds like. I'm happy I chose you, but, I need to know he's okay. Wouldn't you if it was the other way around?
Jax: You know I'll help you.
Emma (smiling): Thanks, your the most understanding boyfriend, ever. (he smiles at her)
Andi (looking at her phone): Don't think I can't imagine goofy smiles right now. *Jax laugh*
Maddie (introduing her PI): MI comes from a long line of magical PIs; they're the best in the business. I Spy the PI, Wi-Fi the PI, TMI the PI.
Sophie: FYI the PI.
MI: How do you know about her? She's undercover.
Sophie: I have my sources.
Emma: SO...
MI: Ah yes. One sec. (looks in her bag for documents) Based on the info you gave me, I found three possible realities Daniel could've been bumped too. (Emma looks for them)
Katie (clearly upset seeing Andi, Emma & Jax's ride): They get to ride down in that?!
Andi (bragging): Uh, yeah. Really makes you rethink being a Panther huh?
Katie (in denial): NO (Maddie gives her a look) No!
Maddie: Is that..(sniffing) Is that pickles?
Sophie: No. (excited) It's sauerkraut!
Gigi (from out the window): I'm making polish sausages!
Sophie: Yes!
Katie: NO! (she along with Sophie and Maddie get in the RV)