At least it was chocolate milk this time and not pudding!
~ Daniel to Mr. Alonso

“Powers by Proxy”
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date

July 10, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Love Pie Redux


The Fool Moon

Powers by Proxy is the 4th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma and Maddie receive some disturbing news; Jax gets Daniel in trouble; Andi finds a pair of magic goggles.



  • Diego Rueda starts to like Maddie.
  • Jax gets Daniel in trouble several times, which gives him detention, where Jax gets him in more trouble.
  • With her new spell-o vision goggles, Andi sees that Jax cheated when he was trying out for The Sharks.
  • Maddie uses Diego as her "Proxy" since she doesn't have her powers back.
  • From Ursula's love pie that Francisco ate it made him announce that Emma and Maddie were going to be sisters.
  • Jax eavesdrops on Emma and Daniel's conversation by turning into a spider.
  • Andi finds the Spell-O-Vision goggles in Lily's desk.
  • Andi tells Gigi she is the new nurse, which leads her to blogging about it.
  • Maddie and Emma attempt to make their parent's lives miserable.
  • Jax cheats at his swim tryouts with magic.
  • Andi finds out he has magical powers.
  • Emma tells Jax everything that happened last year.


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Maddie: What is going on?
Emma: I don't know! Why are you asking me?
Maddie: Because it's obviously your fault!
Emma: Obvious, how?
Maddie: Obvious in the fact that it clearly isn't my fault!
Emma: YOUR mom is the one who's been after MY dad for the past year!
Maddie: Yeah, but YOUR dad's the one who's dumb enough to fall for MY MOM!
Emma: I have to give you that one, but, but this makes no sense! Yesterday he was mowing the lawn at night, so your mom wouldn't "accidently" run into him.
Maddie: It's like somebody cast a spell on him or something. (gasps) Wait, did you get your powers back and not tell me?
Emma: Nooo, but Andi said YOU did.
Maddie: Sort of, it's complicated. But, I didn't do this!
Emma: Okay I believe you, we just need to figure out how this happened, so we can stop it. Neither of us want to be sisters. We need to work together. Agreed?
Maddie (looking disgusted at Ursula and Francisco): AGREED.
Gigi (walking in): Andi? Why are you here, and why are you dressed like the nurse?
Andi: Because, I am the nurse.
Gigi: What? No you're not. I know for a fact that Nurse Lily moved away and Principal Alonso hasn't found a replacement yet.
Andi: Which is why he hired me. Since my dad's a, doctor I'm, qualified, to be the intern nurse.
Gigi: So the Principal hired his daughter's best friend. (gasps) That is an abuse of power! You can read about it on Miss Information!
Andi (trying to take her phone away): Hey hey hey!
Diego (to Daniel): All right, that only leaves Jax, and I guess he'll
Daniel: Okay, let's do this.
Diego (to Jax): I have to warn you. Daniel broke the national freestyle record last year.
Andi: And the doggy-paddle record. (Diego laughs)
Jax: Well, I hope it's enough to push me to my best and, I hope I get on the team.
Diego (under his breath, scoffing): Okay.