Yes, the Canned Eyed Peas, close relatives to the Black Eyed Peas.

Season 1, Episode 13
Andi Panther
Air Date

January 17, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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I Heart Beau


Walk Like a Panther

Pantherized is the 13th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way. The episode premiered to an audience of 2.23 million viewers.


Emma and Tony must rescue Andi, who is turned into a Panther by Maddie. In the process, they must also reclaim the Hexoren. Mac suggets that Daniel ask Maddie to the beach ball to make Emma jealous, since she's going with Tony. Julio begins training Diego and teaching him how to use his powers.



  • After Andi was turned into a Panther, she changed her hairstyle and her look.
  • Andi begins taking Maddie's place as Head Panther.
  • We learn that the Council thought they destroyed the Principal after taking her powers and sending her to the human world, but they didn't take all of her power.
  • Sophie asks Mac to hang with Beau.
  • Lily remembers who is after Emma, the Principal.
  • Emma refers to Andi as her best friend.
  • Tony asked Emma to Beach Ball and she accepts, which made Daniel jelous.
  • Tony and Emma share a hug.
  • Emma and Maddie practice casting spells.
  • Julio begins training Diego.
  • Tony comes up with a plan to save Andi and the Hex from Maddie.
  • Emma reversed Maddie's spell.
  • Andi and Emma become friends again.
  • Gigi was absent again in this episode.


Andi: Why, am I wearing this outfit? And these shoes! Get me out of these, STAT.(looks in mirror) Oh no! No I'm, I'm hideous!
Katie: Did it work?
Maddie: Seems like it.
Andi: Who dressed me this morning, a 12 year-old boy?! Anybody have any spare outfits I can borrow?
Sophie: I have tons of clothes in my locker! 8 extra outfits one for every day of the week.
Andi: Great! Let's go. C'mon Maddie, move it, STAT.
Maddie: STAT is my thing.
Andi (to Sophie): Who's this? Your new boyfriend?
Sophie: I wish. No he's-
Maddie (cutting her off): He's my cousin, from France, yeah, speaks no English. Now let's go get you decent!
Andi: And, discuss how to destroy Emma.
Maddie: Oh, we're gonna be great friends.(laughs with Andi)
Maddie: That'll teach you not to mess with me.
Emma: When I defend my powers and become the Chosen One for good, I'm going to confiscate your powers...until you learn how to play fair and not hurt other people!
Maddie: That's it? (sarcastically) Oooh I'm shaking in my designer wedges!
Emma: You're so....mean!
Maddie (slow clapping): Another, great comeback from Emma! (laughs then walks away)
Daniel: C'mon, I'm going to the pool and you and "Lieutenant Oddball" aren't stay here by yourselves. (Referring to Mac and Beau)
Mac: Why so grumpy? Is it because Emma's going to Beach Ball with Tony?
Daniel: NO! (pulls Mac aside) How do you know?
Mac: Miss Information.
Daniel: Is there anyone who doesn't follow her?
Mac: You know what to do, right? Ask Maddie to Beach Ball to make Emma jealous.
Daniel: Why? I don't want to do that.
Mac: Trust me, it's full-proof.


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