No spells in school, you should know that!
~ Lily to Maddie

“Monkey Business”
Season 1, Episode 6
Monkey Business
Air Date

January 8,2014

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Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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Monkey Business II

Monkey Business is the 6th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way. It premiered to an audience of 1.92 million viewers.


Maddie tries to use Tony's magic show to win Daniel's affection back. The Principal seems to be on to Emma. Lily finds out the principal's awful secret, but before she can warn Emma, she must fend off an angry Maddie.



  • Maddie turns Lily into a monkey.
  • Lily finds out that The Principal turns her students into frogs.
  • Miss Pitch was turned into a frog by the principal.
  • Tony sees Emma do magic and thinks she is a magician.
  • Lily stops Maddie from putting a spell on Katie.
  • Maddie goes to Tony's magic show after seeing Gigi's blog about Emma and Daniel.
  • Maddie gets hurt due to one of Tony's magic tricks.
  • The Principal grows suspicous of Emma and tries to get her to cast a spell by rhyming
  • Apparently, Mac is hygiene challenged.
  • Julio caught Lily in The Principal's office.


Andi: Is Hou-DUMB-ni gone? (referring to Tony)
Emma: Yes, and he's not dumb. (tries to hold in laughter when Andi steps out in costume)
Andi: He's making me wear this, IN PUBLIC. I can call him whatever I want. (Emma bites her lip, trying not to smile) Go on, let's hear it.
Emma (on the verge of laughter): What? It's a great look for you. And that bow tie really bring out you eyes. And that-
Andi (cutting her off): Okay enough, you only get one.
Daniel: I'm gonna get something to drink, you want anything?
Maddie: Soda. two squirts of lemon, five packets packets of fake sugar, bendy straw, little pink umbrella. Please!
Daniel: Okay
Emma: I'm fine, thanks. (Maddie looks at her menacingly)
Emma (rushing in with Andi): What happened? You said you wanted to, uh, see me? (She and Andi look at Lily's new appearance)
Lily (half-monkey): I have a pro-ah-ah-ah problem. A big one!
Andi: Nah, just a quick trip to the salon and they'll wax that off in a jiffy. And as for your nose and ears, you're in luck. Miami has the top notch, plastic surgeons.
Lily: I am in no mood for your ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah attitude! We need the Hexoren! Reversing another witch's spell is very di-ah-ah-ah-ah difficult!



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