Don't worry Dad. I found my other half.
~ Mia referring to Diego in The Truth About Kanays

General Information
Nickname Miago


Intimacy Level Good Friends

Former Enemies
Former Slave (Diego's Side)

Miago (Mia/Diego) was the pairing of Mia Black and Diego Rueda. They first meet in The Beachside 7, when Mia was saved by Daniel. She repays everyone by helping at the Beachside 7 Bar, They are presumably the last two Churi Kanays currently living.

These characters were portrayed by Elizabeth Elias and Tyler Alvarez.

Miago Moments/Friendship HistoryEdit

Season 3Edit

The Beachside 7Edit

  • She first sees Diego with Maddie, walking around, and pretends to be frozen.
  • She is then seen spying on Diego, Maddie and Emma, all trying to figure out how to unfreeze time.
  • Diego first sees her almost falling over on Andi's watercraft.
  • He, along with Maddie, Emma, Andi, and Daniel saw her fall in the water.
  • She is then seen explaining to Diego and Daniel how she ended up losing control of the watercraft.
  • After Daniel told an embarassing story about Diego to Mia, he tried to cover it by saying it was really hot.
  • She told both of them it felt like magic made her lose control, to which they nervously laughed at.

Rebel EmmaEdit

  • Mia offered to help Diego after Emma goes missing.
  • She sees Diego yelling at Sophie for making a mess, and Maddie casting a spell to clean it up.
  • Diego thanked her again for helping out at the Beachside 7.

Neverending SummerEdit

  • She is seen eavesdropping on him and Daniel's conversation about his relationship with Emma.

Daniel DarkoEdit

  • They are both in the crowd at first while Daniel performs.
  • Diego is upset with Mia.

No More Mr. Nice GuyEdit

  • Diego sees the kanay mark on Daniel, and realizes there's another kanay in Miami, and that he's not alone.

El Cristal de CaballeroEdit

  • She is talking to herself and suddenly bumps into Diego.
  • Diego tries to talk to her about kanay stuff, but she asks if he's going to Daniel's meeting.
  • He says yes and asks her how she knows and lies and says she Daniel moved it to the chemistry lab.
  • It is shown that she stole his phone after Diego bumped into her.
  • He bumps into her again and tells her he knows she is a Kanay.
  • She is shocked to find out that he is one as well.

Kanay vs. KanayEdit

  • Mia seemed excited that she found another kanay.
  • Mia tells Diego that he really needs her help, seeing as she's more advanced and better with her powers than he is.
  • She says she is going to save him, but he doesn't know what she means by this.
  • Diego leaves Mia to go help Maddie, after he sensed she is in trouble.
  • Mia, after composing herself from laughing, goes and helps Diego free Emma and Maddie.

Invisible MeEdit

  • Mia was telling Diego all about Kanay's history and their centuries-long feud with witches.
  • Maddie sees them and instantly gets jealous.
  • Diego tries to leave and apologize to Maddie, but Mia says kanays don't apologize to witches.

The Truth About KanaysEdit

  • She says to her dad that she found her other half, meaning Diego.

Zombie Rescue TeamEdit

  • Mia calls Diego for help and he is torn between helping Andi or Mia.
  • Mia tells Diego to help her get out of the goo Andi sprayed on her feet.
  • Andi says he should help her because they've been friends for 10 years, but Mia says they have a stronger bond since they're kanays.
  • She warns him that Andi wants to serve her up to the Witches Council and he could be next.
  • She and Andi begin yeling at him begging for his help.
  • When Maddie shows up, he tells her Mia texted him saying he needed her and it was an emergency.
  • She holds him, along with Maddie, Emma, Jax, Andi, and Phillip, hostage.

Kangaroo JaxEdit

  • Diego protects Maddie from Mia.
  • He holds Maddie back when Mia threw fire at her.
  • Diego throws a fireball at her.
  • Mia threw a fireball back at them.
  • He leaves her house with Maddie, Andi, Emma, Jax, Phillip, and Daniel after Emma sends her to the pool.
  • Diego sees her in school the next day and asks if she's okay.
  • She jokingly calls him "Betraygo"
  • She called him a traitor to his own kind.


  • She is surprised to hear a kangaroo loose in school, and says she thought her last school was dysfunctional.
  • Diego says it's not dysfunctional, just unique.
  • She asks why does he defends humans and witches, and he tells her she can't talk about his friends that way.
  • He said he is proud to be a Kanay, but his friends are his tribe, because they stick by him no matter what.
  • Diego says that she can insult him but not Maddie.
  • Mia calls him a lost cause.
  • She then challenges him to a duel.
  • They set it for Monday afterschool.
  • Diego starts to rethink accepting the challenge, seeing as Mia is better than he is.

Magical ThrowdownEdit

  • He waits for Mia with Maddie and at first believes she chickened out.
  • When she comes, she thought Maddie would've sent him to a hideout or something.
  • When Diego asks about the rules, she says there is only one rule in kanay duels: there ARE no rules.

The Kanay Strikes BackEdit

  • She's surprised when The Panthers come, she asks if they're his fan club.
  • He said they're his friends and asked who's on her side, to which she replies all of kanay kind, and soon, him as well.
  • They begin the duel, and Mia begins to target the Panthers.
  • Diego tells her to leave them out of it.
  • Mia tells him to just give up, but he says there is nothing she can do that will make him surrender to her.
  • She then says if there's nothing he can do to him, then she'll do it to her.
  • Diego throws a fireball at her when she again targets Maddie, but is hit with fire by Mia, causing him to fall on boxes by a dumpster.
  • Diego ends up losing the duel.
  • Later on, she calls him and says she won, and she's his Kanay Master.
  • She proves it by ordering him to sit down, then telling him to come to her house.
  • Mia realizes her crystal is missing, and when Diego shows up, she tells him to come with her to get it back.

New Witch OrderEdit

  • Diego says he has a shift and a curfew, so he wants to know how long it's going to take, to which Mia says she doesn't know.
  • She tells him this is a war, there is no curfew, and he retorts by saying tell that to his dad and Maddie.
  • Mia says if the witches don't give back the necklace, she'll expose the realm, and he can go get his "beauty sleep."
  • Mia destroys Diego's phone so he wouldn't tell anyone about her plans.
  • They go to the nurse's office to look for the Crystal de Caballero.
  • Mia tells him that witches are messy, which is another reason not to like them. Diego defends them by saying someone obviously ransacked the place.
  • Diego laughs at the way Mia says "Crystal de Caballero" when she discovers it's not in the nurses's office.
  • Mia tells him to stop laughing.
  • They throw gusts of wind at each other.
  • Diego tells her to give her the card, but she refuses.
  • He tries to take the memory card away from her, but faints in the process.
  • She checks to make sure he's okay.
  • She tells him not to be so stubborn next time, even though he's unconscious.
  • Mia gives him a new nickname, Twitchy.
  • Diego said all that electricity woke him up and asked where they're going.
  • She stole his emergency phone to find out where they are (Daniel's house) and that's where they're going.
  • He asked if she read his other messages, and said no, but mocked him by saying "muffin", a name we assume he calls Maddie.
  • He said she really shouldn't invade people's privacy.
  • They run into Gigi, who asks why they are at school.
  • Mia said they were just leaving.
  • She asks him why he was stammering and stuttering, and he says Kanays don't lie, and she says maybe in the old days.
  • He says for someone who's all for Kanay rules, she seems to pick & choose what rules she follows.
  • Mia then tells her where she can find her memory card, which has footage of Emma and Maddie casting spells in the janitor's closet.
  • He asks why she did that, and she says she just told the truth.
  • Diego tries to warn his friends that Mia is coming, but sees she's already there.
  • He along with Andi, Jax, Desdemona, Agamemnon, and Phillip are threatened by Mia not to leave until she gets her crystal back.
  • He looks worried when Mia says she doesn't care who finds out about the magic realm, and that it's too late anyway.
  • Diego tells her not to underestimate the T3, as they pelted fish on Jax, dropped spaghetti on him, and sprayed Mr. Alonso with chocolate pudding.
  • He and everyone else dive for the crystal when Agamemnon finds it, but Mia gets a hold of it.
  • When Mia and Emma got sucked into the video game, he along with Daniel insisted they save them both, and that they can't just leave her in there.
  • They seem surprised when Emma stands up to the Council and begins to make decisions for the realm.
  • Mia decided to free Diego after realizing not all witches are bad, and Diego isn't a traitor.

Season 4Edit

Ever In the EvergladesEdit

  • Diego sees a kanay marking in the sanctuary, hinting that more kanays exist, specifically Mia.

Stuck in a StormEdit

  • Mia assures him that no lions, tigers, or bears will come for his sister.
  • He insists he should come with her and Daniel to find his sister, Katie, and Sophie.

What If?Edit

  • Diego agrees to go visit Mia after talking to Daniel about feeling lonely.
  • Diego and Maddie visited Mia to learn more about kanays.
  • She tells him both of her parenst were kanays, and didn't see relatives much due to them running from witches.
  • Mia also tells him that her cousins aren't kanays.
  • Diego asks her to think of any other possible kanays, and she says she doesn't know any.
  • Diego tells her and Maddie he's not giving up and will find other kanays, knowing they're out there somewhere.

Stop EmmaEdit

  • Diego agrees with Daniel and Andi when they say they should call Mia, who can help them not only unfreeze Jessie, but stop Emma from turning back time.
  • Mia seems bewildered when Daniel tells her that Diego accidently froze Jax's sister.

Trivia Edit

  • They are both Kanays.
  • They belong to different tribes, so they have different sets of markings.
  • Mia knew she was Kanay since she was little, while Diego found out only two years earlier.
  • Mia hates witches, but Diego is dating one and is friends with others.
  • Diego doesn't lie, while Mia has no problem doing so.
  • Mia challenged Diego to a kanay duel, and she won.
  • She released him from her control in the Season 3 finale.
  • They are friends in New Witch Order.
  • Diego visits her in What If? to ask if she knows of any other existing kanays, to which she tells him no.
  • Mia tells him both of her parents were kanys.


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