Here are the main pairings in Every Witch Way.

Demma Edit

This is the friendship/romantic pairing of Emma Alonso and Daniel Miller. In Season 1, the two first saw each other
Emma and Daniel dating
outside Emma's house as she was moving in. They met official when Daniel gave her a tour of the school. They had mutual crushes on each other after Daniel broke up with Maddie for good so he can have a chance with Emma. Tony, a close friend of Daniel, seems to also have a crush on Emma, but she does not feel the same way. They seem to go back and forth trying to get her attention, even though Emma makes it clear she has a crush on Daniel. Daniel tries to ask Emma to wear his letter jacket, but fails because of Maddie's spell that makes him say the opposite of what he meant. In the episode I Said, Upside Down, he is able to break the spell and admits to Emma that he likes her and wants to go out with her in I-Guana Dance With You. However, they never got a chance to, due to the iguana incident, Tony asking Emma
to Beach Ball, and Emma preparing for the eclipse. There, Emma admits that she wished she came with Daniel instead of Tony, and after dropping Maddie home, he admitted that he was interested in Emma, and not her. Towards the end of the season, Daniel finds out that Emma is a witch; he tells her he won't let anything bad happen to her in The Chosen One and starts to have feelings for her.He, along with the rest of the Sharks team up to defeat the evil Principal by throwing water balloons at her. After thinking it worked, Emma agrees to go to the anime dance with him. That night, Daniel is shown to be late, and Emma and Andi begin to think he stood Emma up. Daniel then calls Emma, but it turns out to be the Principal, who kidnapped him and said for Emma to meet her in the auditorium alone if she wants to see him again. Emma goes to rescue Daniel while Andi runs to warn Maddie and Diego. Emma and Diego are then used so the Principal can steal Emma's powers. Emma and Maddie manage to stop her with the help of Daniel, the Sharks, and the Panthers. They also share their first kiss at the anime dance and became a couple. At the beginning of Season 2, they spent the majority of the summer together, with some problems, as Mr. Alonso hates
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Daniel. Emma had trouble hiding her powers from Daniel because of the Fool Moon, and had numerous close calls, like when she used a spell to get the goo off her, and when Daniel offered to help her figure out how her dad maically fell in love with Ursula, and when Emma accidently turned his siblings into hamsters. Daniel breaks up with Emma in Missminion when he finally finds out Emma had been hiding the fact that her powers were back from him. Emma tries several times to talk to him and apologize, but he never really gives her a chance to. She begins seeing him whenever she bumps into another person, but Desdemona fixes it. He finds out from Lily in Emma Wants a Cracker that Emma was beng pressured into breaking up with him. During the big storm, Maddie tells Daniel that he doesn't accpet Emma for who she is, a witch, which makes him feel guilty and decide to fix things with Emma. However, he sees her hugging Jax at school. In About a Wizard, after seeing Emma and Jax kissing, Daniel tells Jax that he and Emma were meant to be, jealous of Emma and Jax's new relationship. Daniel still seems to have a lot of feelings for Emma despite their breakup, and it is shown that Emma still has those feelings too. In Katie's birthday Bash Emma saved Daniel from the love spell that was put on him. Daniel tried many times to talk to Emma about their relationship. Daniel didn't think Emma made the right choice by keeping Phillip around when she took him out the game. Emma agreed with Daniel in BF-Never that she had to send Phillip, Andi's zombie video game boyfriend, back into the game, after he almost bit her dad, Maddie, Gigi, and Sophie. In The Abyss Daniel apologizes for breaking up with her the way he did. They apologize to each other, kiss and get back together.
Daniel saves Emma from Last Light and they hug 225
In I'll Stop the World, Daniel and Emma are saved by Sophie from the Abyss. Emma then travel to Maddie's house for shelter without Daniel, which made her worry about him. She is glad to see if Daniel is okay after escaping Desdemona's grasp and hugs him, which Jax sees. They go back to Maddie's house to help formulate a plan to save the Council and stop Desdemona and Evil Emma. Unfortunately, they go to Emma's house to see her dad turned into a fish by Emma and Jax. She saves her dad by giving up her powers to them. Even without powers, she and Daniel travel to stop Jax, E, and Desdemona. Daniel blocks Emma from being attacked by E by jumping in front of the spell E casted at her. The spell hit the portal and caused it to begin sucking everything in sight into it. Daniel holds onto Emma's hand. Daniel saves her Emma from being sucked into the portal after Emma says she loves Daniel. They hug and make up. They are later seen when Daniel walks into the cafeteria and smiles at her, which is directly after Jax gives Emma a rose using magic. In Season 3, Emma and Daniel are seen enjoying their summer, Daniel being a lifeguard and E,mma working as a waitress at the Beachside 7, but Mia comes along the way by pretending to drown so that she can hang out with Daniel, which in turn causes a lot of drama between Emma and Daniel. Emma meets Jax while he's at Rebel's Boot Camp. Emma then sees Mia and
Emma And Daniel8
Daniel "messing around" at ther lifeguard tower, and she is less than pleased. He then tells her to meet at the Seven, where he sings a song he wrote for her called Always You. More drama starts after Mia turns into Daniel and makes Emma believe Daniel said he liked humans. Luckily, she believed it wasn't him. Emma is at home getting ready for Daniel's surprise at the Neverending Summer Party. Meanwhile, Mia puts a kanay marking on Daniel which causes him to act strange and break up with Emma. She suspects that there is a witch spell on him, but when she doesn't see one, she thinks Daniel doesn't love her anymore. She soon finds out there is a spider on Daniel's back and that it's a kanay seal. In the episode Back to Back, she believes she took it off, but it was a trick. Daniel (still under the influence of the spider seal) gives Emma a necklace with a piece of El Cristal de Caballero. This makes her stuck to Maddie, who has another piece of it in a bracelet given to her by Katie. Andi and Jax find the third piece and separate them. The seal begins to make Daniel sick, and Mia takes it off of him. In the next episode, Maddie says that Diego's kanay books say that the seal does not change personalities, but releases their "inner wild." Emma insists it's not true, but it shows she is worried it's true. Later in the third season, Emma misses the big brains interview because the El Cristal de Caballero turned her invisible while holding it since it makes spells go out of control. This is the episode that Daniel thinks he and Emma should take a break. Jax tries to cheer her up by dancing with her until Daniel comes in, trying to apologize to Emma. Emma leaves in the middle of Daniel and Jax arguing. He is seen waiting for Emma, trying again to apologize, but she runs off after realizing her dad has been calling her non-stop about the Big Brains Interview.  This leads to
Emma getting grounded indefinitely by her dad and she is no longer allowed to have Jax or Daniel at her house as found out in The Truth About Kanays.  After Mia traps Emma, Jax, Andi, Diego, Maddie, and Phillip in her basement, Daniel begs her to let them go. He and Andi then tell Emma that her dad caught Phillip and he's in his office. He then helps Emma search for the kangaroo that mysteriously is let loose in the school. After learning from Jax that she is trying to turn Phillip, Andi's zombie boyfriend, human, he tries to talk her out of it in Magical Throwdown. However, he ends up helping her with it. In the finale, she is weak from turning Phillip human, and Daniel takes her home. He says she has to choose between him or Jax. They return to his house when they realize Mia is there. Daniel is worried when she is pulled into the game with Mia. He hugs Emma after Maddie brings her, Jax, and Mia out of the game. He supports her when she makes Andi the first human guardian then offers to walk her home. In the end, she chooses Jax over Daniel. In Season 4, Daniel is bumped into an alternate life because of Emma's decision. Emma begins to worry about him after realizing she is the only one who remembers him. When Lily tells her she caused a Continuum Break, and if she finds him she only has 5 days to get him to remember his old life or he'll vanish, she recruits her friends to help her. Maddie's family's magical PI (Private Investigator) gives her 3 leads on Daniel, which were all dead ends. She then
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gives them one last lead, and Emma and friends finally find Daniel living in an animal sanctuary with his family and Mia. Emma runs to hug him in Ever In the Everglades, but he too has no idea who she is. She tries her hardest to get him to remember, by dropping little hints as he shows the group his home. She even ignores her friend's warning about messing with the Break, but she triggers another one, determined to make him remember his life in Miami. She convinces him to travel back to Miami with them. Emma shows him around all the places he usually hung out at, but doesn't remember anything. Emma and her friends then travel with Daniel to a magical restaurant called Lola's which apparently he and his family used to come to. Due to the head chef's special dish, Daniel regains half of his memory, and he believes Maddie and him are still dating, which Emma a bit jealous, even though she is dating Jax. In Monkey Face Emoji, she tries to recreate the day they met, but it doesn't goes as planned when Jax texted her, saying he is in trouble. However, it was revealed to be Jessie, Jax's little sister. Daniel is down to his last hours in the episode The Final Countdown,
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and Emma brings him to his old house, hoping it will help him regain his memory. Emma then reveals to Daniel that he was her first love and she cared about him "more than anything in the world." Daniel then decides to kiss her, which Jax sees. Emma pulls away and asks what he was doing, and he said he though it might do the trick, meaning jog his memory. He is about to kiss her again but she stops him, saying she's with Jax. Then, the room starts to move an it seems like its the end, but all the Miller's furniture is restored in the garage, meaning Emma successfully ended the Continuum Break. Daniel then remembers that she chose Jax over her, and asks for an explanation on why she picked him. She told him there isn't one, it was just a feeling. Daniel then becomes upset that she took him out of his life at the sanctuary and that he was happy there. Daniel then asks her to leave, and he sulks on the couch. Emma tries to talk to him the next day, but he refuses to hear it. They then are seen at their secret spot, and Daniel telling Emma he doesn't want
to see her get hurt, and Emma saying she wants to take away his hurt. Daniel then asks Emma to see if there's any way she can send him back to the Everglades. He check in occasionally, asking if she has made any progress, but she lies, saying she has, when she has been looking for a way to bring her mother back. After Daniel finds out, he agrees with the others, knowing she has to be stopped, but after talking to Mia, he tells her that it isn't fair for him to ask to send him back to the Everglades and not support her in bringing her mother back. In the finale, he helps Emma devise a plan to stop Liana, Jax's mother and a powerful witch. After it ends, Emma send him back to the Everglades, after saying he may never find happiness in Miami. She and Andi go to visit him to see if he's okay, and say their goodbyes. Emma admits to Andi that she's really going to miss him.


Maddie And Diego
This is the romantic pairing of Maddie Van Pelt and Diego Rueda. They didn't interact much in Season 1, only learning they both had powers in Beach Ball and going to the dance together in The Chosen One. In Season 2, Diego develops a crush on Maddie and stayed at her house all summer. He wouldn't admit it, he only said that he missed Mac, but luckily Katie found out the truth. He started helping Katie and Sophie and convince Maddie she had her powers back even though disagreeing lying to her. When Maddie finds out, Diego does everything he can to make it up to her. Then later Maddie showed her feelings for him when she stopped the process of her getting her powers back from her mom in Double Trouble because she saw Diego was twitching. Seeing Maddie so upset, he vowed to help her get her powers back, even going as far as making a giant scrap of metal for the transfer. He accmpanied her in her "I got my powers back" routine they next day wth Katie and Sophie. Diego then rescued her from her magic fight with Jax in The Breakup, but it resulted in Mr. Alonso seeing it and them getting in trouble. Diego found out Maddie liked him in Emma Wants a Cracker When Maddie turned reddish pink probably meaning a crush. They go to Katie's beach birthday party together. However, Desdemona's love spell on Daniel affects her and she goes crazy for him, along with Sophie, Gigi, and Andi. Diego is able to snap her out of it by reminding her that Katie is her best friend, and she needs to go get her. Maddie agrees and goes to get Katie. After Katie agrees to come to the party, Maddie asks Diego if he's coming. He scoffs, saying he'd rather not see her go ga-ga over Daniel, which she denies. When he asked who is she ga-ga for, she shrugs and walks off, him fllowing her. They are seen sitting togther at the party, and then watching the fireworks together. Maddie's mom doesn't like Maddie dating him because he is a kanay, thus they begin sneaking around. They almost kiss in Zombie Boyfriend, but Ursula walking into the living room interrupted it. They have a secret relationship starting in BF-Never. They, along with Katie and Sophie get a message from the Council from Diego's portal, a new power of his. Maddie rescues him and Gigi from Desdemona in I'll Stop the World. Maddie then volunteers to go and rescue the Council from Limbo in Emma vs. Emma. Diego couldn't hold it open long enough for Maddie to make it, and it was assumed she was gone. Diego was
able to muster up enough strength to hold the portal open a little longer and Maddie was able to come back out. They then share a kiss at the end of the season and their realtionship becomes public.

They continue to date through out Season 3. Maddie helps him learn more about kanays, while also trying to get her mom to like Diego. They soon find out that each kanay tribe has a different set of markings, and one is a spider.They both help Emma and Andi remove the spider seal from Daniel, both eager that another kanay exists. Later, Maddie is shown to be jealous of Mia, since she is a girl Kanay. Diego encourages Maddie to make up with Katie after she abandons her and starts hanging around Mia. After seeing him and Mia talking about kanay history, and Mia sitting across from him, Maddie attempts to cast a spell on him so he will only have eyes for her in Invisible Me, but it backfires. When Maddie admits to him that Mia did in fact trap her and Emma in the janitor' closet, he told her he won't be friends with Mia if she tries to hurt her, and they share a kiss. Diego then protects Maddie from Mia when she holds them along with Jax, Emma, Andi, and Philip in Kangaroo Jax. Fortunately, when Mia begins to insult Maddie, he sticks up for her. She supported him in the kanay battle, even though Diego lost, and their relationship remains in tact.

In Season 4, their relationship starts out very strong, Diego even becoming a cheerleader for her. They even help Emma in her quest to find Daniel by taking a road trip to the Evergaldes. He begins to worry about his relationship with maddie after jax reminds him that Emma said Daniel dated both Emma and Maddie in this other reality. When Daniel returns to Miami with them, they try to help Emma restore his memories of him. Diego was very anxious to, due to Daniel believing Maddie was his girlfriend in the Talia in the Kitchen crossover (due to her magical food). He soon became jeaous, even though

Miego at the Van Pelt Reunion

Maddi soothed him and told him she is fake dating him. However, when Ursula refuses to let Maddie take Diego to the Van Pelt Reunion, he gets upset with her. Maddie tries several times to apologize, but it results in them breaking up, which hurts both of them. They rekindle their relationship in Van Pelt Reunion when she brings him to the reunion despite her mother's disapproval. He ends up being the hero of the party when Jake Novoa shows up and threatens Maddie. Maddie then ventures with Diego to talk to Mia about finding more kanays, as Diego has a hunch that they are not the only ones. Maddie promises to help him. After hearing Emma's plan to trun back time to get her mother back, they try to convince her not to, and when she refuses, they alienate her, until they stage an intervention, hoping it will change her mind. At the end of the series, they along with Katie and Sophie leave town to find more Kanays.

Diego seems to be a good influence on Maddie, as she has become a little bit nicer and compassionate, and a little less bossy. In Zombie Boyfriend, she said please, which she calls "gracious bossing around." She also throws Katie a surprise birthday party and waits at the Seven for Katie dressed up in LARPing outfits with Sophie, even though Katie stood her up and went with Mia. She also comforted Andi when Philip left and apologized to Emma when she accidently erased part of  Daniel's memory in Twisted Sister. She seemed to care more about the realm being destroyed than fashion in The Abyss. In Season 3 and 4, she shows how much she cares for Diego, as she helped him find more about kanays, and vows to help him find more kanays.


This is the romantic/friendship pairing of Emma Alonso and Jax Novoa. 

In Season 2, a new student named Jax arrives at Iridium High after transferring from Sydney, Australia and he immediately becomes the new heartthrob. Emma is introduced to him in the Principal's office and gives him a tour of the school. He may come off as a jerk and a rebellious wizard but he shows a softer and vulnerable side around Emma. He offered to
help her reverse the love spell on he dad in Powers by Proxy, helped her find the T3 when she turned them into hamsters in No Can Do, and reversed the punishment spells the Council put on her in Werewolves in Siberia. They always seem to flirt with each other. He tries to get her to be more confident in herself and embrace her witch side, like when he tricks her into skipping school with him, and they have a food fight in Outta Hand. He tries to get her to understand if she needs someone to talk to, then he'll be there. Jax shows Emma a cloning spell in Double Trouble but warns her it's illegal. She uses it anyway and ends up getting in trouble along with Jax because he taught the spell to her. Jax then kissed the Evil Emma clone, believing it was her. He seems upset after finding out it wasn't, and pleads Emma to keep her around. However, Emma gets rid of her, or so she thinks. In The Breakup, Jax saves Emma after she bumps into Daniel and can't make up a complete sentence. He and Daniel then end up fighting at play practice, but it turns into a battle for Emma. In episode 16 Stormageddon, Jax protects Emma from tree limbs that flew at her. They then seek shelter in the Principal's Office, and pass the time playing games like Truth or Dare and chess. Jax tells Emma she is a lot prettier in person which makes her smile and giggle. They almost share a kiss but Desdemona cast a strong wind that knocks open the door causing them to separate.  After
Jemma first kiss
Stormageddon, Jax and Emma are called by the council for using an illegal spell and get into trouble. When Agamemnon is about to take away her powers Jax steps up and lies, telling them he made all of the clones, therefore taking all the blame. Emma is dismissed and Agamemnon takes Jax's powers. In About a Wizard, Emma kisses Jax as a thanks for sacrificing his powers and ends up falling for him. Daniel becomes really jealous of Emma and Jax and tells Jax that he isn't right for her, which causes them to fight, again. They attend Katie's Beach Birthday party together. Jax becomes a bit jealous after Emma tries to help Daniel undo a love spell put on him and again when he sees them hug. They are then seen going on a few dates and hangouts after Emma takes Philip, Andi's zombie video game boyfriend, out of her game. During the Fool Moon, Jax is affected by becoming slightly evil (because his father is an evil wizard) and Jax's father calls his son a disappointment and doesn't show much pride in Jax being a good wizard, although his mother always told him to be. He asks Emma if she wants to be his partner in crime, take over the magic realm and rule the human world. She mistakes him for joking but he plays it off like he never said anything.  In BF-Never, it is revealed that Jax's father
Jax has an arm round Emma
is forcing him to date Emma just so he can destroy her later. But Jax, after building feelings for her, doesn't want to and asks if she will be okay. Emma and Jax break up in The Abyss because Emma thinks Jax needs someone more like him. Jax goes to her house to apologize with flowers but sees Daniel and Emma hugging and saying how much they missed each other causing his heart to break. He drops his flowers and joins the dark side. He still appears to have feelings for her because Evil Emma says they have to figure out her flaw and he says she doesn't have any making the clone suspicious. During the last light, Jax gives Emma her powers back, saving her life. He apologizes, saying he never meant for her to get hurt. In the last episode, he gives her a rose, which makes her smile, but she walks to Daniel, whom she got back together with.

In Season 3, Jax appears to be stuck at Rebel's Boot Camp for witches and wizards led by Agamemnon. He sees Emma and waves at her, and replies with a smile. She is so distracted by Jax she forgets Daniel is talking to her, and lies when Daniel asks what she was looking at. In Rebel Emma, Emma is sent to boot camp for using spells in public and freezing time and sees Jax. They seem happy to see each other, almost forgetting everything that had happened. Jax stays with Emma most of the time she's at the camp. When Jax has to do a drill where he has to lift a tire with one finger using magic, Agamemnon says he needs motivation so he uses magic to stick Emma under the tire leaving Jax struggling and afraid he'll drop it. Jax
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yells at her to teleport out and she does.  Agamemnon laughs and Jax runs to the tire, lifting it and tossing it over afraid Emma might have been under it. He yells at Agamemnon for putting him in that position but ends up getting sent to where Emma was sent: A maze where you have to face your fears. He finds Emma in the maze and they work together to face their fears because Jax turns into Emma's fear, a large dog, and Emma into Jax's fear, a bird. They both recognize each other, hug, and get out of the maze. Jax is trying to change and realizes how selfish and stupid he was last season so he tries his best to change for Emma. He knows he may never get to have her but wants to be there for her. He goes to Emma for help after Agamemnon makes his face spiky in Always You. Then, after Hex tells him that Emma is going to bring Andi to the Council, he rushes to stop her, knowing she will get in trouble. When she asked what started his change, he admitted that he's doing it for her, which takes her by surprise. When took his powers before finishing his test in Neverending Summer, he called her, asking for help on finishing it. After realizing it was a setup, he asks her to transport her
powers back to the came, forgetting everything she teleports ends up in the pool. Following Emma's advice, he went and told the Council he took his powers before completing the exam. Fortunately, they let him pass, and he rushed to tell Emma the good news. She was very proud of him, and ignored Daniel, whom she was talking to, as soon as Jax came over. Jax helps Emma feel better in Daniel Darko when Daniel rudely breaks up with her and later kisses Mia in front of everyone on stage. She ran off to the beach to when he followed her to confront her. He used magic to make a blanket and Hot-coco appear when she wished for it. He then helps her return Daniel back to normal. However, he adds that maybe she'll discover there are better guys out there for her, implying himself.  After Daniel is returned to normal, he becomes jealous and even follows her to her date with Daniel, who shows up almost an hour late. He becomes concerned about her after Daniel gave her a strange looking necklace and she vanishes. The next day, he finds out that the Cristal de Caballero linked Maddie and Emma together. Emma becomes mad at Jax after finding out he trapped Daniel in his own house and thought it made him sick. Jax, with the help of Andi, proves that it wasn't his fault and that Daniel still has the seal on him. Then, he and Andi go looking for the third
Jemma in kangroo Jax
piece of the cristal. Jax then automatically teleports to Emma and Maddie in Kanay vs. Kanay. He refers to it as his "Emma sense." He tries getting them out, but the cristal interfered. After he and Andi find it, Jax does a happy dance, knowing Emma will be happy. It is revealed in this episode that Emma still harbors feelings for Jax and may not be over him.  Later, Jax is not allowed to be at her house anymore because Emma got indefinitely grounded by her dad for missing her big brains interview, based on The Truth About Kanays. Jax tries to tell Emma that maybe she should stop going back to Daniel and maybe should start to be with a wizard, like him, and she responds by saying that maybe he's right, and maybe she and Daniel aren't meant to be. He saw that she felt bad so he put some silly song and started to dance later on he put a slow song and started to dance with invisible Emma. Jax tries to be there for her whenever she needs him. Jax protects Emma from Mia in the episode Kangaroo Jax. She is shown to be worried about him when she finds out the Council turned him into a kangaroo in Defiance because he refused to
Season 3 finale Jemma kiss
give them information on Emma and help them overthrow her. In the finale, New Witch Order, Jax goes back into Zombie Apocalypse 3 to rescue her and Mia, where they hug. He tells her that he believes in his heart that they belong together but, like Daniel, tells her that she's going to have to choose: him or Daniel. Jax, Mia, and Emma manage to escape the game with help from Maddie and the Hex. At the end of the episode, both Jax and Daniel offer to walk her home, setting Emma up to make her choice. She takes Jax's hand and teleports them into the pool. Emma and Jax share a kiss in the swimming pool and once again become a couple.

Season 4 picks off where Season 3 ended; Emma chose Jax and they teleport to the pool and share a kiss. After getting out, Emma begins to explain why she chose Jax, but didn't get to finish as Jax kissed her again. Emma soon realizes that Jax has lost his memory of Daniel and runs home to find out what
Jemma kiss s4
happened, while looks at her, confused. They are later seen at her house with Emma explaining to Jax who Daniel is. He believes she is overtired from turning Philip human, and she insists that Daniel is real. Jax then comforts her after she freezes her dad and is too weak to undo it. The next day at school, Jax, along with everyone else tells her that Jax is the one who gave her a tour and was kidnapped by the Principal in this alternate reality. He agrees to help her find Daniel and Emma thanks him, calling him the best boyfriend ever. They finally find out where he is with the help of Maddie's family magic-PI (Private Investigator), the Everglades. They along with Andi, Lily, Diego, the Panthers, and Gigi drive out to the Evergaldes in Road Trippin': Emma, Andi and himself one of his dad's cars, and everyone else in Diego and Gigi's family RV. He gets jealous soon after Emma finds Daniel and hugs him. He is shown to be angry that he actually exists. Later, in Ever In the Everglades, he tells her that he's leaving, with or without her, fed up with her directing all her attention to Daniel. However, Emma convinces him to stay, saying she changed someone's entire reality and needs to ma it right, while looks at her, confused. They are later seen at her house with Emma explaining to Jax who Daniel is. He believes she is overtired from turning Philip human, and she insists that Daniel is real. Jax then comforts her after she freezes her dad and is too weak to undo it. The next day at school, Jax, along with everyone else tells her that Jax is the one who gave her a tour and was kidnapped by the Principal in this alternate reality. He agrees to help her find Daniel and Emma thanks him, calling him the best boyfriend ever. They finally find out where he is with the help of Maddie's family magic-PI (Private Investigator), the Everglades. They along with Andi, Lily, Diego, the Panthers, and Gigi drive out to the Evergaldes in Road Trippin': Emma, Andi and himself one of his dad's cars, and everyone else in Diego and Gigi's family RV. He gets jealous soon after Emma finds Daniel and hugs him. He is shown to be angry that he actually exists. Later, in Ever In the Everglades, he tells her that he's leaving, with or without her, fed up with her directing all her attention to Daniel. However, Emma convinces him to stay, saying she changed someone's entire reality and needs to make
things right. They along with Maddie and Diego, Andi, Daniel, and Mia, go looking for Katie, Sophie, and Gigi after they go missing. Emma falls down in some mud, and Jax helps her up, removing some of it from her face. He then smiles at her, and they share a hug. Emma tells Jax and Andi to keep their eyes on Mia, saying they can't fully trust her. It is revealed they don't remember her either. Jax, after talking to Andi, who reassured him Emma is stil crazy about him, decides to do something for Emma. He creates a candlelight dinner for her, but Daniel and Gigi see him cast the spell, and it goes awry. Emma comes in seeing the scene, and decides to tell Daniel the truth. Jax tells her to think twice about it, as Daniel could disappear, but she does it anyway. He and Andi don't seem pleased to find out Daniel is going back to Miami with them. He is also upset after realizing Emma is a bit jealous of Daniel and Mia's relationship. When Jax finds out he may have a sister, he rushes to tell Emma. She ends up being the second person to meet Jessie, after Andi. Emma is estatic about the news, even though he tells her he think his dad is planning something. In Lunch at Lola's, Jax visits
Emma and tells her Jessie may be her sister, as his father knew who she was. Emma wonders where she could have been all these years, to which he replies he's going to find out. The next day, Jax assures Emma his dad will tell him everything he needs to know. They travel to a magical restaurant called Lola's, to which Daniel and his family used to go to when he was little, hoping it will help restore his memorry. Jax notices that Emma starts acting differently after eating the food from the restaurant. The food also makes Jax state his true feelings about restoring Daniel's memory, and everyone else appeared to feel the same way. The gang gets into an argument, and Emma tells Jax she made a big mistake. In the second half of the crossover special, it is revealed she regretted telling Daniel about the break, not choosing him. Jax agrees to go see of the Break is over after Daniel gains his memory back and kisses her on the cheek before leaving. However, it isn't over since he remembers everything except meeting Emma. In Monkey Face Emoji Jax goes to help Emma restore Daniel's memory, but she runs to his house after Jessie takes his phone and impersonates him, making Emma believe he's in trouble. Jax rushes home at the realization, and finds Emma is there, having tea with Jessie and his father. The last day of the Break comes, and Emma is focused on helping Daniel remember, while
Emma and Jax reconcile
Jax is looking for her, finding out after speaking to his mom that she isn't only alive, but hiding from his father. He finally tracks her down at Daniel's old house, and sees her kissing Daniel. He leaves, heartbroken, but returns when he feels the house start to shake. After being pranked by the T3, Emma tells him the break is over. He flashes out, having mixed feeling of hurt, anger, sadness, and disbelief. As soon as Emma realizes Jax saw the kiss between her and Daniel, she rushes over to his house to explain herself. When he refuses to listen, she used a spell to "break in" to Jax's house. She takes him back in time to see what atually happened. He smiles, and says he feels like a Grade A Jerk, and she replies by calling him her Grade A Jerk, and they kiss. Jax then asks her to replay it, multiple times. They then return to the house and share a hug. Jax's father catches them and knows they went back in time. It seems he threatens then but Jax reassures him he's bluffing. Jax then tells Emm his mom is alive, which makes her a bit sad, as she misses hers. However, she urges him to go see her. Emma then defends Jax when Ursula refuses to tell him where his mother is. In Van Pelt Reunion Liana shows up at Emma's house, looking for Jax, and she allows her to come in until he makes it there.
Emma accidently casts a spell on Jax and wraps him in duct tape, thinking he was an intruder. She then lets him and Liana talk, which makes her miss her mother more. After having a quarrel with her dad, she goes to Jax's house and admits she's jealous he got his mom back and she didn't. Jax apologized and reminded her that she has an amazing parent. They are seen again in Emma's house with Liana looking at pictures of Emma's mom. Liana tells Jax Emma's a terrific girl, and he agrees. He then goes to her room to check on her, and she tells him about her plan to turn back time, which he warns her about.They are seen having lunch with his mom and sister in Power in a Bottle, and later protecting Jessie from Jax's dad when he ties up Ursula and Maddie and urges Jax and Jessie to come with him. They use their magic to make him transport out of Maddie's house. Jax then escorts her outside, thanks her for defending his family and that she's amazing. She tells him that he was amazing and he really took charge. He said she's a powerful witch, and replies saying she's been practicing. He then plays with her hand and says it looks good on her and she thanks him. They then interlock fingers and smile at each other.  Eventually, he begins helping her bring back her mother, even though her friends, including Andi, all isolate themselves from her. However, when he finds our his own mother is plotting against Emma, he betrays her and tries to warn Emma. Sadly, his mom freezes him and he tells Jessie that she must go and save Emma from their mother. When Jessie gets her
Emma and Jax final kiss
powers, she is able to unfreeze Jax, and release Emma and Andi out of the orb. Emma hugs Jax after his mom got sucked into Limbo. She then decides not to go through with the plan to bring her mother back, and he supports her, knowing it was a hard decision. Emma then erases everyone's memory of Daniel except Andi's and send Daniel back to the Everglades. When Emma tells Jax they're going to see an old friend of hers, which is a guy, he seems suspicious. Emma assures him he has no right to be and he kisses her on the cheek goodbye. Later, they are both seen at the school, saying goodbye to Andi as she ventures to finally start their guardian training. They say goodbye to Diego and the Panthers, who set off to find more kanays. Emma looks at him with tears in her eyes and says she feels a part of their lives is ending. Jax agrees, but says it's also a new beginning. She asks what he thinks it will be like. He says he's not sure, but as long as they have each other, they'll be okay. He then brings her in for a final kiss.



This is the romantic paring of Andi Cruz and Phillip Van Pelt. In Season 2, Emma brought Phillip, in zombie form, out of Andi's video game, Zombie Apocalypse 3. It is revealed in Zombie Boyfriend that she created him by hacking the game, and that he's her first boyfriend. He was present for a couple of episodes, one in which he asked Andi to the school play. He was sent back into the game in Andi & Phillip, Sittin' in a Tree after almost biting several people, including Sophie and Emma's dad, leaving Andi devastated and breaking off her friendship with Emma for a while. It was mentioned by Andi, after she rekindles her friendship with Emma, that he was a lot more aggressive after going back into the game.

In Season 3, Hex brought him back out of the game to help save Andi from Mia after she froze Andi, and Andi was beyond excited to see him. He is shown to act more human-like, talking in sentences and doing arts and crafts. Philip gets caught both by Mr. Alonso and the Witches' Council, who both want him gone. However, Emma promises Andi she won't send him back into the game. Ursula agrees to pretend that she is Phillip's legal guardian so he may continue to go to school at Iridium High. In Magical Throwdown,
he says his first complete sentence. Andi uses this evidence as a plea turn him human, and elists the help of Emma, Jax, and Daniel. In the season finale Emma turned Phillip into a human so he can be with Andi, and he is now the adoptive son of Ursula Van-Pelt and adoptive brother of Maddie Van-Pelt.

In Season 4, Emma's decision brings her into an alternate reality, and Andi decides to let Philip meet his parents, the developers of Zombie Apocalypse 3, in Silicon Valley. Andi tells Emma she did what was best for him, even though she will miss him.


This is the romantic/friendship pairing of Daniel Miller and Mia Black. Daniel "rescued" Mia after she fell overboard
Mia And Daniel2
riding Andi's speedboat. She thanked him and hugged him in front of Emma and the rest of the gang. She then tried to get on everyone's good side by being nice. She got between Emma and Daniel by placing a spider seal on him, which led him to rudely break up with Emma, arrogantly sing the song he wrote for Emma to Mia, kiss Mia in front of Emma, ditch their Sharks' regional swim meet, and telling Mia about the Magic Realm, though she already knew about it.  According to Maddie, the seal released his "inner wild", meaning his actions are what he wanted to do deep down. The seal started to make him sick, so Mia released him from it. He almost immediately broke up with Mia and went back to Emma, but they stayed friends. He believes her when she lies and says she accidently put the seal on him. He sticks up for Mia, not trusting Emma's instincts, mistaking them for jealousy of Mia, like he has of Jax. When he goes to convince Mia to drop her revenge on witches, she kisses him, and he figures out that she did put the seal on him on purpose. He became upset bcause he defended her when she was lying to him. In the season 3 finale, after Emma and her escape the game along with Jax, they seem to be on good terms and Mia is sorry for what she did.

In Season 4, it seems that due to the Continuum Break, they are a couple and live in an animal sanctuary with their families. They seem to really care about each other, as Mia ventures to Miami to bring him home, after he agrees to go there with the gang without giving her or his family a good explanation in Lunch at Lola's. He explains that they are witches and can do magic. She tells him to come home, and says he will, soon. After the Continuum Break, he goes to visit the regular Mia at her new school, and is hurt that she doesn't remember their life in the Everglades. All she remembers is what happened last semester. She tells him she knows Emma picked Jax over him, and believes he's here to make her his constellation prize, to which he denies. Later in Power in a Bottle, she goes to the Seven to visit him, curious about the alternate life he said they had. When he tells her that her parents were alive in that life, she freaks out and leaves. He goes to her house to visit her in Stop Emma and asks her to help stop Emma with her plan to turn back time. She says if there's a chance to see her parents again, she won't stop her. After Emma returns Daniel to his life in the Everglades, she seems to return with them, and they are once again a couple.


This is the romantic/friendship pairing of Maddie Van Pelt and Daniel Miller. They started dating before Season 1 and is said to have broken up and made up over 74 times. Maddie breaks up with Daniel again in the first episode. When
Daniel meets Emma, he drops Maddie for good, saying she broke up with him for the last time. She spends her time getting revenge on Emma in season 1, accusing her of stealing Daniel from her, and trying to win him back, but she fails. By the end of season 1, she seems to get over it.

In Season 2, they seem to be friendly towards one another. In Stormageddon, they give each other relationship advice: Daniel about Diego, and Maddie about Emma. In Beach Birthday Bash, she seems to like him again, but it is later revealed to be the effect of a spell put on every girl on the beach by Desdemona. She even tells Diego after she is released from the spell that she isn't "ga-ga" over Daniel. She also says in the season 2 finale that Emma "de-hunkafied" Daniel, proof that she is over him.

In the beginning of Season 3, they seem to be on good terms. She helped Emma find a way to release himm from
Mia's spider seal, which made him act strangely. However, she seems to be a little upset with him when she finds out that the spider seal doesn't change a person, just releases their inner wild, which meant whatever Daniel did he must have wanted to do, deep down. She also believes Daniel des indeed have feeling for Mia. However, they seemed to have reconciled and are still friends at the end of Season 3, even helping rescue Emma, Mia, and Jax from the videogame Zombie Apocalypse 3.

In Season 4, Maddie forgets who Daniel is, and denies she would ever date the same guy Emma would. She agrees to go on a road trip to help Emma find him. However, after Daniel eats some magical food from the head chef of the restaurant Lola's, he regains half of his memory, and believes he and Maddie are still dating, which seems to upset Emma and infuriate Diego. In The Final Countdown, he gives Maddie and Diego "permission" to date, saying it will keep his memory alive. After the Continuum Break, they seem to be on good terms.