Katie? Bake something? And you ate it?!
~ Gigi to Diego

“Magic Fight Club”
Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date

January 7, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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Magic Fight Club is the 5th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way. It premiered to an audience of 2.41 million viewers.


The principal grows suspicious after catching Emma and Maddie having a magical fight, and Sebastain underneath sees what happens. Diego and Mac both have crushes on Katie due to a love spell in Maddie's love pie, which Katie stole.



  • This is the episode where Emma and Maddie have their first magic fight/duel over the Hexoren.
  • The principal begins to suspect that Emma and Maddie are witches.
  • It is revealed that the Principal is a witch.
  • The Principal turned Sebastian into a frog.
  • Katie used Maddie's real love pie on Diego and Mac, planning to become more popular than Maddie.
  • Emma goes to Lily to help her undo her glamour spell.
  • It appears that Sebastian was in the classroom when Maddie and Emma were fighting.
  • The Principal asks Gigi for information about Emma.
  • We find out that Coach Julio is the son of the Principal.
  • Diego's powers go out of hand when he accidentally freezes a lunch tray in public.
  • Emma helps Tony at his magic show.
  • It's revealed the Principal has powers of her own.


Mac: Here comes trouble times 3.
Katie (walking in): Hey guys, I had no idea you'd be here!
Mac: Where's your ring leader and sidekick?
Katie : Why? It's not like we travel as a pack, everywhere we go.
Diego, Mac, and Andi: Yeah, you do.
Katie: Well, they sent me here to this pie, as a peace offering from the Panthers to the Sharks.
Andi: Yeah right, it's probably got crickets backed into it.
Mac (with a face full of pie): It's good!
Andi (whipering): Katie, can you get me some pie?
Katie: NO.
Andi: Gimme some pie!
Maddie: What happened to your amazing, new hideous look?
Emma: Got tired of it, so I changed.
Maddie: Aw, I thought it was stuck on, because you're terrible at magic.
Emma (crossing her arms): Guess I'm better than you thought. (her locker starts moving)
Maddie: What was that? Your hiding something. (she shoves her out of the way)
Emma: Hey! (Maddie unlocks her lock) Hey, how did you do that?
Maddie: Puh-lease. You think I got where I am today without knowing how to break into people's lockers?
Principal: Something is definitely fishy about that new girl Emma, getting stuck in the bathroom then magically ending up in the pool?
Julio: Like you just said, she's new. Maybe, she just got confused.
Principal: But then I got her trying to cast a spell with that, with that Jaguar.
Julio: You mean, Panther?
Principal: You know who I'm talking about, that cheerleader. Maddie.
Julio: You think they're witches?
Principal: Well, you know what they say. If it walks like a witch and talks like a witch, must be a witch.



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