I have my own side kick now.
~ Katie

Katie Rice
Full Name

Katie Rice




c. 1999 (Age 16-17)

Resides In

Miami, Florida


The Panthers


Iridium High


Mac Davis (Former Crush – Under Love Spell)
Diego Rueda (Former Crush – Under Love Spell)
Howard (Former Boyfriend)


Maddie Van Pelt (Best Friend/Fellow Panther)
Sophie Johnson (Best Friend/Fellow Panther)
Diego Rueda (Close Friend/Fellow Panther)
Andi Cruz (Frenemy)
Emma Alonso (Frenemy)
Mia Black (Enemy)
Gigi Rueda (Dislikes)

Eye Color


Hair Color



5 ft 4 in


1, 2, 3, 4

First Seen


Last Seen

A Girl's Sacrifice

Portrayed By

Denisea Wilson

Katie Rice is one of the three Panthers and Maddie’s loyal sidekick. Well, except for secretly wanting to be lead Panther (Shhh! Don't tell!). She's super smart and always keeps the Panthers in check. Ruling the school is tough work![1]

Katie was the amercian counterpart of Katty.


Katie made her first appearance in (Discovery). She is seen as the sidekick of Maddie Van Pelt in The Panthers along with Sophie. With Katie's brain in the group it's much easier for Maddie to come up with plans because of Katie's suggestions.


Katie is very smart. She's not afraid to speak her mind and doesn't really care if Maddie hates it. For instance, in The Big Rescue she told Maddie "Daniel must really like her," (referring to Emma). However, Maddie casts a spell on Katie every time she says something about Emma and Daniel as a punishment.

In season 2 and 3, she is seen to be more independent, as she doesn't always like to be in a group. In season 3, she begins to hang with Mia, who's the new girl at Iridium High.


Katie has tanned skin with brown eyes and natural black/brown curly hair. She wears the Iridium High uniform and The Special Panther uniform with additional accessories. Katie is usually seen with her fellow panthers.


Sophie EWW
EWW Katie and Sophie

Maddie Van Pelt

Best Friend

Maddie and Katie are best friends. Even though Maddie can be very rude towards Katie, she still hangs out with Maddie and Sophie. Maddie and Sophie also threw Katie a surprise birthday party at the beach as seen in the episode Beach Birthday Bash.
Red hair

Sophie Johnson

Best Friend

Sophie and Katie are best friends. They are very close. Even though Sophie is not very smart Katie tries to help her when she says something out of the ordinary or when something doesn't make any sense.

Diego Rueda

Good Friend

Katie seems to dislike Diego because he is always hanging out with Maddie and she feels a bit left out sometimes. She also tries to compete with Diego to win Maddie's friendship.

However, there have been times where they work together in various instances. For example when Maddie though she had her powers back Katie set the whole thing up along with Diego.

Jax Novoa


When Katie first met Jax she lied and said that she was the head panther and didn't mention that Maddie was the head panther. He attended her birthday party at the beach.

Emma Alonso


Since Maddie dislikes Emma, Katie dislikes Emma as well but certain times Emma and Katie have been nicer to one another. Emma attended her birthday party at the beach. In Season 4, Katie enlightened Emma with a plan on what would happen if Emma reversed time and the effect it would have on everyone.

Andi Cruz


Katie and Andi don't seem to get along very well but try not to interact very much. Though, in season 3, when Andi is snooping in Mia's house, Katie helps her escape. She also tells her where Mia is and mentions that she owes her.

Mia Black

Enemy/Former Ally

Katie first met Mia in the summertme. She saw her shapeshift, but doesn't remember it because Mia gave her a brain freeze. She later bonds with Mia by venting to her about Maddie and her never wanting
to do what SHE wants to do. Mia pretends to be nice and goes with her to her LARP (Live Action Role Playing) festival, while Maddie and Sophie are both waiting for her at the seven, deciding to support Katie, who never shows. Mia then volunteers to be Katie's sidekick, though, in reality, Katie is Mia's new sidekick, using her to get revenge on witches. When she finds out Mia's real plan, she tries to apologize to Maddie and tell her about it, but when she does, she ends up really talking to Mia who shapeshifted into Maddieto keep them fighting. Maddie aka Mia makes Katie believe that she will never forgive her, so she goes back to Mia and continues to help her with her plan. Katie, still caring about her friends, tries to warn them, but no one really believes her. In the season finale, it is unknown if they made up or not.

Memorable Character Quotes

Season 4

Invisible Me

Katie (to Mia): I knew it! You think I'm your sidekick. Why am I always the sidekick?!

Power in a Bottle 

Katie (gasping to Jax, after he told Maddie to paint in her painting studio): That is Maddie's lip-makeup bathroom!

Mommie Dearest 

Katie: Sophie, this is not a birthday party.
Katie (about the Earth and turning back time): Emma, if you try to spin it backwards, everything will be destroyed, proven by science. Drop the mic.

A Girl's Sacrifice 

Katie (to everyone): Well, I guess we ought to go to class.
Katie (giving Andi a picture of the Panthers and Diego as a going-away present): That way you'll never forget the Panthers.


  • Katie has had the most magic used on her so far out of all the characters. She has had magic cast on her 3 times. Once by Emma (accidentally) and twice by Maddie.
  • Katie wants to be the head Panther.
  • Katie switched the pie Maddie was going to give to Daniel to give to Mac and Diego so they would crush on her and therefore making her more popular than Maddie.
  • Katie thinks she's smarter than Maddie.
  • Katie wants to have a boyfriend.
  • Katie always helps Maddie come up with plans to destroy Emma.
  • Katie has lied and said she was the head panther to Jax.
  • Katie is closer to Sophie than Maddie.
  • She is the smartest one out of all The Panthers.
  • She is portrayed by Denisea Wilson.
  • She is the American counterpart of Katty and Dotty from Grachi and the Red Panthers.


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