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As long as we have each other, we'll be okay.

Emma and Jax final kiss
General Information
Nickname Jemma
Intimacy Level Dating
Started Dating About a WizardThe Abyss

New Witch Order – Present

Dating Status Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Jemma (Jax and Emma) was the romantic/friendship pairing of the main characters Jax Novoa and Emma Alonso. Out of all the couples on the show, this is the main pairing. Emma and Jax met in the first episode of the second season, Jax of Hearts, after talking to Daniel and Diego. Francisco called her into his office, while Emma was walking in, she saw Jax sitting in the chair in front of her dad's desk. Jax has been in love with Emma ever since then.

Once Jax's tour was over, she asked him if he wanted to sit with her at lunch and Jax thought that she was asking him out but she wasn't. Jax didn't seem happy to sit with Emma at lunch, but he just shook it off. At lunch time Jax met backup with Emma and Andi at lunch. While Andi and Emma where trying to watch Agamemnon from the Witches' Council, Jax disappeared.

Jax also exhibits a soft spot for Emma for example, in No Can Do he found two of the T3 after they were turned into guinea pigs. Following in Werewolves in Siberia he helped Emma out of a punishment spell. He opened up to her
Jax has an arm round Emma
about his family in Stormageddon, to the point where they almost kissed. This is the episode where Emma shows she also has feelings for him. He also gave up his powers so she wouldn't have to lose hers in, About a Wizard. This led to to her kissing him and them dating for a little bit until they broke up in The Abyss. During Season 3, despite what happened in the past, Jax and Emma are shown to still be very close with each other. Jax is also revealed to still have deep feelings for her and later in the season, Emma is revealed to still have feelings for Jax. During the seasons events, such as when Daniel broke up with Emma and the Council was giving her a hard time, Jax was always there for Emma and she was there for him when he needed her help on a few
Season 3 finale Jemma kiss

Jemma; Season 3 Last Scene & Season 4 First Scene

occasions. Eventually near the end, Jax revealed to Emma that he believed they belong together, but also told her that soon she had to make a decision on who she truly wanted to be with. At the end of New Witch Order, Emma chose Jax over Daniel and the transported to the pool where they share a kiss and are finally back together. At the start of Season 4, Emma and Jax seem happy together but as soon as they get back together, problems already begin to appear in their relationship. When Emma learns that Daniel is now living an alternate life, due to her decision of choosing Jax over him, Emma becomes desperate to find him and restore his
Emma And Jax13
real memories. Jax is growing more upset with the situation and he soon becomes jealous when he sees that Emma still has feelings Daniel. Eventually, Jax soon became heartbroken when he witnessed Daniel and Emma sharing a kiss. However, after Emma showed Jax what exactly happened, Emma and Jax reconciled with each other.

Jax and Emma continued their relationship as they both helped each other out in difficult situations as when Emma helped Jax fight against his father. They also stand by each other as Jax stands by Emma when she begins to abuse her magic, proving that although she is doing something dangerous and has caused their friends to become hurt in the process he's willing to support her, even offering her his own powers. They have also been shown to become more affectionate as they share cheek kisses and holding hands with each other. In the end, Emma and Jax are shown to have formed a strong and close relationship.

They were portrayed by Paola Andino and Rahart Adams.


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  • Emma and Jax met in Jax of Hearts; in the first episode of Season 2; the episode that marked Jax's debut.
    Emma and Jax-0


  • Jax became interested in Emma right after he met her.
  • Emma was the first one to find out Jax is a wizard.
  • Jax teaches Emma how to cast spells without talking.
    Jemma eww

    Jax comforts Emma.

  • He with Andi's help, reversed the punishment spells the council put on her.
  • Jax taught her many new spells, like the forbidden cloning spell.
  • He opened up to her about his family in Stormageddon.
  • He lied about making the Emma clones and gave up his powers to save hers.
  • Emma and Jax became a dating couple in About a Wizard.
  • Emma broke up with Jax in The Abyss.
  • Emma and Jax had their first kiss in About a Wizard.
  • Jax asked Emma numerous times for help in Season 3.
  • He tries his best to help and protect Emma in Season 3.
  • They had their first dance in The Truth About Kanays.
  • Paola Andino (Emma), Elizabeth Elias (Mia), Denisea Wilson (Katie), and Zoey Burger (Gigi) support Team Jax.
  • Emma chose Jax over Daniel in the season 3 finale, New Witch Order.
  • Emma meets Jax's estranged family in Season 4.
  • He agrees to help her find Daniel, even though he doesn't remember him.
  • She reminds him repeatedly that she chose him and is happy she did.
  • He sees Daniel kissing Emma and becomes heartbroken. However, they reconcile after Emma showed him everything that happened.
  • They get the last kiss of the series.


  • They are both witches/wizards, along with Maddie.
  • They both dislike The Panthers.
  • They are both part of the Magic Realm, along with Maddie, Diego, and Mia.
  • They both have been reprimanded and sent to Rebel's Boot Camp by the Witches' Council.
  • Both are good friends with Andi Cruz and Philip Van Pelt.
  • Both are considered rogue rebels by the Council.
  • Emma and Jax have both lost their mom, for a certain amount of time.
  • They both have used a memory wiping spell.
  • They both have cloned themselves.
  • They both have a picture of the other in their bedroom.


  • Emma's dad is human and her mom was a witch, while Jax's parents are both magical beings.
  • Emma is considered a good girl while Jax is considered a bad boy.
  • Jax has a sister while Emma is an only child.
  • Jax got his powers at 7 while Emma got them at 14.
  • Emma likes glitter and scrapbooking, while Jax likes leather jackets and dirt bikes.
  • Jax's dad runs a company while Emma's is the principal of Iridium High.
  • Jax is Australian while Emma is American.
  • Jax can tele-transport normally while Emma ends up in the pool everytime.


Season 2

Jax of Hearts

  • Emma was assigned to show Jax around the school.
  • Jax seemed to like that Emma got to show him around.
    Tumblr nn9jkmw4vE1s0d7jwo5 500
  • She showed him the trophies on the trophy case and mentioned the Sharks winning a lot of them.
  • He mentioned that her dad is the principal, and she said he was promoted after the last principal had a "meltdown."
  • He then asks if she herself won any of the sports awards.
  • She nervously laughs and says he's obviously new to not know that she's too clumsy to have won any.
  • He says she doesn't look clumsy to him.
  • Emma invites him to have lunch with her.
  • Jax thinks she was asking him on a date.
  • Jax ended up sitting with Emma at lunch.
  • Jax asked to take her home on his dirt bike.
  • When Emma forgets her wallet, Jax looked happy as he had an excuse to see her again.

Runaway Witch

  • Jax returned Emma's wallet, but not before spying on her casting a spell.
  • He sat with her and Andi during lunch.
  • He asks Sophie about Emma.
  • Jax tricks Emma into meeting him in the chemistry lab.

Love Pie Redux

  • Jax tells Emma he's a wizard.
  • Jax wanted to talk wizard to witch.
  • He accidentally covers her in goo and gets her in trouble.
  • He asked why the Council is here, and she says that's private.
  • He also asks if there's more of them, and she tells him just her and Maddie.
  • He realizes when Emma says Daniel's not a wizard that the Council are here because she's dating a human.
  • Jax asks her why would she EVER do that, to which she takes offense to.
  • Jax tries to help Emma clean.
  • Jax didn't mean to get Emma in trouble.
  • Jax appears next to Emma at her locker and scares her.
  • Jax thought about Emma's transporting spells, saying she's took weak.
  • Jax offered his help to Emma.
  • Emma says there isn't anything he can do; Lily tried and she ends up in the pool everytime.
  • He warns her about the Council meaning business and taking her powers.

Powers by Proxy

  • Jax stops by Emma's house.
  • He said he's here to help with her "problem".
  • Emma asks how he knows and he said he's a wizard.
  • She says, "yea, a wizard, not a psychic."
  • He said in his case it's the same thing, and proved it by saying he predicted that she will trip on her way to the kitchen.
  • He then cast a spell for the sink to overflow to make her go to the kitchen and another to put a pillow in her way that made her trip, and he caught her.
  • She said thanks, but then realizes he did it on purpose and took it back.
  • He joked and said he still predicted the future, then insisted he really did want to help.
  • Emma says it's okay and that she's waiting for Daniel.
  • He says he's in detention and by the time he gets out her dad will be home, who doesn't like Daniel at all.
  • When Emma tried to say something, he insisted that she let him help her and asks what can he do for her.
  • They are then seen in the kitchen, with Emma mopping the floor and Jax sitting in a chair.
  • He asks why she doesn't use magic to mop and she says it gives her a sense of accomplishment.
  • He then asks why she didn't tell Daniel her powers are back.
  • She said it's complicated, and he said explain it.
  • He pointed out that she doesn't have any other witch/wizard to talk to about this, so she tells him everything.
  • When she goes to change, he messed with Daniel in detention.
  • He quickly stops when Emma comes back.
  • Jax was surprised when Emma told the T3 he was leaving.

The Fool Moon

  • He eavesdropped on Emma and Andi talking.
  • He laughed when Emma cringes at the thought of her and Maddie being sisters.
  • He told Andi he switched his locker with her so he can be right next to Emma.
  • He pretended not to know what Emma was walking about when she demanded he give back the Spell-O-Vision goggles.
  • He tells her she's not the only witch he can talk to, and Emma retorts by saying he can be friends with Maddie is he wants, but he still has to give back the goggles.
  • Jax makes Emma fall in Daniel's arm and when Daniel puts his arm around Emma he's upset about it.
  • He doesn't like how there are saying sorry to each other.
  • He's happy that his locker is right next to Emma's.

Daniel Who?

  • He asks Emma is she's avoiding him.
    Tumblr memorywipe 500
  • She replies by listing that he cheated in a race with her boyfriend, glued her best friend's shoes to the floor, took the Spell-o-vision goggles away from her, and made her locker his.
  • He said she should ask him for help on how to cast his awesome spells, to which she says they're not that impressive.
  • He makes the lights in her house turn on and off, makes plants fall off a shelf, and makes bunnies appear, which she finds adorable.
  • She tells him to get rid of them, but he says that she should do it, since she's so powerful.
  • They end up erasing Daniel's entire memory when he barges in on Emma casting a spell.
  • He begs her not to tell the Council, saying he'll lose his powers, and even offers to watch over Daniel until they get the reversal spell.
  • Jax gets jealous when Daniel asked Emma out for pizza and called her pretty.
  • She is mad at him when Jax makes Daniel think he's German.
  • He said it's fine and that his parents don't suspect a thing. He also asks if she got the spell.
  • She says no and she's calling Lily.
  • Jax says to her and Andi he'll make sure he doesn't talk.Emma says she hopes for his sake Daniel's okay, or he'll be sorry.
  • They, along with Andi, get into a fight as to who looks after Daniel until he gets his memory back.
  • They along with Andi find Daniel in the cafeteria with Diego and get him out of sight.
  • Jax looks upset when Daniel gets his memory back because he didn't want Emma to be with him.
  • Emma stutters around him.
  • Jax likes to appear or scare Emma.

No Can Do

  • Jax uses magic to appear in Emma's room.
  • Emma is surprised when Jax appears.
  • Jax apologizes when Emma yells at him to get his feet off her collage table.
  • Jax was trying to show Emma that he couldn't control his powers, but it was another trick.
  • He then turns back and laughs at Emma when she's screaming.
  • Emma puts him in a straitjacket after he tricks her and pushes him out the door.
  • Jax walks up to her and Andi and asks if she switched his locker back with Andi, to which she denies.
  • Emma teases Jax by telling him "Awww, poor Jaxy Waxy" when he was complaining about having to walk home in the straitjacket she put him in.
  • They are later seen at the Seven, after the swim meet and Jax goes and sits by Emma.
  • She congratulates him on second place, and is surprised to find out he didn't use his powers.
  • She thinks he's scared of Andi when he says Andi might call the Council on him if he did.
  • He seems a little offended that she think he can't beat Daniel without his powers.
  • He tells her that Daniel beat him by an eighth of a second and next time he'll win.
  • He tells her, "I always win in the end, you'll see." which leaves Emma staring at him, pensive and a bit confused.
  • Emma accidentally summons him when she said she needs Jax's help to turn the T3 back into humans.
  • He helps find the T3 when Emma lost them as hamsters, and gives her advice when she is worried about turning them back.
  • Jax tricks Emma many times in this episode trying to prove to her that he doesn't have powers. But in reality he does and just wants Emma to be more open.

Werewolves in Siberia

  • He hears Emma and Andi talking about the Council
  • Emma brags to Jax that she stood up to the Council about breaking up with Daniel and they didn't take her powers away.
  • Jax and Andi find out that Agamemnon put spells on her.
  • They make fun of Emma for it.
  • Jax brought over her dad's books, believing one of them has a reversal spell to Emma's punishment spells.
  • Emma tells Jax that Daniel can't see these magic books, including the Hexoren.
  • Jax asks if she's going to let him in, knowing what's going to happen.
  • Emma tells him she just can't ignore Daniel, especially when she rebelled against the Council to be with him.
  • When Jax mocks her and he and Andi laugh, she gives them a look and says it's not funny.
  • She tells him and Andi to hide.
  • Jax reversed the punishment spells that were put on Emma by the witches council.
  • He and Andi give her a thumbs up that the reversal spell worked.
  • When Andi says Jax is "not so bad" since he freed Emma from the Council's spells, Emma says maybe they can all hang out, but Andi cuts her off and tells her "don't push it."
  • Emma scolds the Hex after he bites Jax.

The No-Sleep Sleepover

  • Jax waved to Emma before he left.

Outta Hand

  • Jax tricks Emma into skipping school, saying the Fool Moon has affected his powers.
    Tumblr foodfight
  • They both have a food fight at the beach.
  • Jax calls her his "beach buddy."
  • She is mad that she got detention and he didn't.
  • She walks away from him, saying Daniel is waiting for her.
  • He stops by her house, much to her disliking.
  • Jax tells Emma he used a cloning spell to not get caught and avoid detention.

Double Trouble

  • Jax saves Mr. Alonso's pizza from falling.
  • Mr. Alonso starts to like Jax.
  • Emma tells her dad Jax wouldn't be interested in going his math presentation, but he says he'd love to
  • Mr. Alonso suggests that Emma should date him.
  • Emma asks Jax if he wants water, seeing as he doesn't like the pizza her father bought.
  • Jax tells her it will only make it worse, which makes her smile in amusement.
  • Emma tells Andi not to tattle tale on Jax about the cloning spell, saying he's their friend.
  • Emma uses the cloning spell Jax taught her.
  • Jax hangs out and kisses Emma's clone, thinking it was the real Emma.

The Emma Squad

  • Jax was happy to see Emma the next day.
  • Jax looked hurt when he found out he did not kiss the real Emma.
  • He refused to give Emma the reversal spell to get rid of the clones.
  • She said her clone was fun and didn't have a problem with using her powers.
  • He says that's what he wants in a chosen one.
  • Emma asks angrily that he's not going to help her.
  • He says to "just go with it. That's what the other, better Emma would do.", which offends her.
  • As he walks away, she retorts by saying, "I AM the better Emma, I'm the BEST Emma!"
  • She tells Andi when she gets home that she went to beg him again for the spell and he still said no.


  • Jax mistakes Emma for E and tried to kiss her.
  • She says she knows about his and E's plan to try to get rid of her.
  • Jax asks to bring her back.
  • Emma says she doesn't need an evil clone running around messing with her life, but Jax said she was fixing it.
  • Jax think Emma remember kissing him.
  • He tries to encourage her to let loose with her powers a little.
  • She gets annoyed and casts a spell that puts him inside a locker and leaves him there.

The Breakup

  • When Emma bumps into Daniel and is tongue-tied, Jax tries to cover for her.
  • He tells her to pretend to laugh at his joke, but she does it awkwardly and runs away.
  • He and Daniel rehearse fighting for the play, but it turns into an actual battle for Emma.

Emma Wants a Cracker

  • Jax tells Andi that Emma is so cute because she's such a clutz with her spells.
  • He says he can't help Emma when he hears she turned herself into a parrot.
  • He faints twice after summoning Emma in parrot-form into Daniel's house.
  • He is happy Emma is back when he regains consciousness.
  • She and Andi drag him out of Daniel's house after Emma is a person again.


  • Jax and Emma get stuck together at school during a storm.
  • They play magical truth or dare.
  • Jax dares Emma to imitate Maddie.
  • Jax talks to Emma about his family.
    Tumblr nn9jkmw4vE1s0d7jwo1 500
  • They find a plan to steal Emma's powers from last year, with her and Diego drawn on it.
  • Jax asked Emma if one of the drawings was her, and she says yes.
  • Jax tells Emma she is prettier in person, which makes her blush and giggle.
  • They find a guide to using the last light to take over the realm.
  • Jax talk about his mom, and says she was funny, saying that she used to pretend to be a beaver.
  • She says he is a good wizard, but he says he takes after his dad.
  • She says that he takes after his mother more than he thinks.
  • She says she has seen his good moments.
  • They almost kiss.
  • They suggest playing chess, both a little weirded out and surprised of what just happened. (The almost kiss)
  • Emma beats him and brags about it.
  • Jax said he liked seeing her fired up, and that it reminding him of the "other you."
  • They talk about making clones and getting along with them.
  • He asks her to bring her clone back, and specifies not the hippie, lazy, or nerdy one.
  • She says no way, since that spell cost her Daniel.
  • They are later seen sleeping next to each other.
  • Emma's dad finds them, and offers to give Jax a ride home.
  • Emma thanks him.
  • They hug, which is seen my Daniel, and also makes him a bit jealous.

About a Wizard

Jemma first kiss
  • Jax lies to the witches council to protect Emma's powers
  • Emma thanks him for doing so and kisses him.
  • Emma and Jax start dating.
  • They are then seen in the cafeteria, and Emma asks him is he's eating lunch.
  • He says no, because he has homework to do, and his clone always did it for him.
  • She tells him not to panic, since that is her thing, which makes him smile.
  • Emma tells him he has all this info in his brain, he just has to "noodle in there and find it."
  • He said it sounds painful, but insists it's painless.
  • Emma does a spell to complete Jax's homework for him after he loses hope in himself and asks her if she would.
  • They smile at each other.
  • They are then seen in the auditorium, and Jax asks her to make a hot dog cart appear in the theater.
  • She said no, and that she has been casting spells all day.
  • When she is called to the cafeteria which is thought to be her father, Jax jokes and asks her to bring some hot dogs when she comes back.
  • Emma comes back to see Jax and Daniel fighting and stops it by casting a spell to make glitter fall on them.
  • She said it was only way to get them to stop fighting, and asks Jax if they can go now.
  • They walk out of the auditorium together.

Beach Birthday Bash

  • They go to the 'Beach Birthday Bash' together.
  • She invited Daniel to sit with them if he came alone.
  • Jax says the only girl he wants swarming around him is Emma.
  • When Andi hits him with a frisbee and he falls, Emma runs over, concerned, to see if he's okay.
  • Jax gets jealous and a bit upset when he sees Emma hugging Daniel.
  • When Katie was blowing out her birthday candles, you can see in the background that Jax had his arm around Emma.
  • Emma and Jax were next to each other when they were doing the bonfire.
  • Emma and Jax burned a marshmallow together.
  • He sees her staring at Daniel during the fireworks, and smiles and puts his hand on her shoulder, which makes her smile.
  • They are then seen at Emma's house along with Andi, and begs for a chance to play Andi's game.
  • He asks why one of the zombies helped him and Emma tells him that's Phillip, Andi zombie video-game boyfriend, which makes him snicker.

Zombie Boyfriend

  • Jax panicked when he saw Phillip and demanded Emma to put him back into the game.
  • They realized Andi was transported into the video game.
  • Jax helped Emma and Andi find Phillip after he went missing.
  • Jax sided with Andi on whether or not Phillip should stay.
  • Jax said it was really nice what Emma did for Andi.
  • Jax said that since she's the Chosen One, she can do whatever she wants, even make a zombie boyfriend for her best friend.
  • Jax said he wants to take Emma on a date to celebrate getting through the Last Light, which she says she would love.
  • He said he can teach her how to magic surf with dolphins, he could get his powers back, and they could destroy the realm and be the the most powerful witch/wizard.
  • Emma thought Jax was joking when he was talking about taking over the world.
  • There were seen going on several dates with Andi and Phillip.
  • They watched a scary movie together and Jax held Emma when she was scared.
  • She along with Andi and Phillip, go to see Jax in the play.

Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree

  • They are seen at the Seven with Andi and Phillip after the play.
  • Emma gives him a look when he says the rank on Daniel was awesome, and he corrects himself and says it was terrible.
  • The exchange looks when Andi tries to get out of dancing with Phillip.
  • They dance with Andi and Phillip.
  • Jax pulls her aside to say that Emma inspired him to be a better wizard and when he gets his powers back, he wants to make the people he cares about happy like she does.
  • Emma promises to help Jax get his powers back.
  • Jax lets her go congratulate Daniel and Sophie on the play.
  • Jax tells Emma that is anyone gets suspicious of Phillip, that she can wipe their memory.
  • Emma declines, saying she wants to help Andi, but not mess with people.
  • Jax tells Emma when he gets his powers back, they can push the magical boundaries together, which makes Emma asks what if she doesn't want to.
  • Emma gets offended when Jax asks if she wants to be a regular old witch, thinking that he think of her that way.
  • Emma and Jax are seen at her locker.
  • She tells him she has 2 pairs of safety goggles, courtesy of her dad for her birthday, and wearing them "ups my nerd cred."
  • When Emma asks if he finished his half of the formula last night, he retorts by saying how beautiful she looks in her goggles.
  • Jax suggests using magic to finish their formula homework.
  • While Jax convinces Emma to use magic to finish their formula by sweet talking her, looking into her eyes and playing with her hair, and while he was doing this, you could see that Emma was practically melting.
  • They high five, but then she immediately regrets it.
  • Emma and Jax are studying at her house.
  • When Daniel comes over to asks for Emma's help, he gloats and tells him they were cuddling.
  • He seems upset when she leaves with Daniel and goes after them.
  • Jax tells Daniel not to defend Emma, and that it's his job.


  • Jax asks if Andi's still mad at her, and said she should've kept Phillip. Emma insists she couldn't, because he could've bit someone.
  • Jax jokes and said if he bit Maddie or Daniel they should throw a party, which Emma was not amused by.
  • He asked her if she can help get him into the Council's office so he can get his powers back by proving himself worthy or breaking in, and she asks if he means steal them back.
  • He retorts and says steal is such a harsh word, and he  prefers the terms borrowing or reclaiming, and she refuses.
  • He tells her that he lost her powers for her in the first place, and she says that he never let her forget it, and walks away, annoyed.
  • Jax wants to make sure Emma is going to be all right when his dad tells him about the last light plan to take over the world.
  • You can see in the background that Jax has a picture of Emma and him when they were together in the 'Beach Birthday Bash'.
  • He shows up to her house with flowers, which he pulled from her front yard, in an attempt to apologize.
  • He tells her he wrote an essay to the Council in hopes it will change their minds and grant him back his powers.
  • She agrees to take him to the entrance of the Council and brings Hex along.
  • Emma goes in to see if the Council is there, and Jax is stopped by Hex, who is suspicious of Jax.
  • She comes out and says they aren't there, and he asks if she can go check the desk for his powers, and maybe go grab them.
  • She yells at him and he insists he was joking.
  • He asks if the portal opens whenever she goes near it and if she and Council are the only one who can open it.
  • Emma tells him Andi knows how, because the Hexoren showed her.

The Abyss

  • Emma breaks up with Jax and says they are too different and believes that Jax should be with someone totally carefree.
  • He insists they can work it out, but Emma says she made up her mind.
  • She tells him she still wants to be friends, to which he replies with an unconvincing sure.
  • He mistakes E for Emma, and tells her he and Andi got his powers back because she wouldn't help him and got so mad she broke up with him.
  • He didn't seem concerned when E told them she sent Emma and Daniel to the Abyss.

I'll Stop the World

  • Jax was going to give Emma flowers and apologize for his selfish behavior until he saw her talking and hugging Daniel.
  • He is hurt by this, and decides to continue to follow his dad's plan.
  • He is seen with E, and notices differences between her and Emma (she hates Elvis, beaches, and seems to not care about her dad).

Emma vs. Emma

  • He along with E, tell her to give up her powers or her dad, who was turned into a fish, and is thought to be poured down the sink, but is really poured into another bowl.
  • Emma asks Jax what he's doing and that it isn't him.
  • He, still hurt, says what does she know and that she doesn't know him, which seems to hurt her.
  • He takes her powers and leaves with E.
  • When E said they have to go for Emma's weaknesses, he said she doesn't have many, which made E jealous.
  • Emma tries to talk Jax out of destroying the realm, saying to think of his friends and family.
  • Jax says that she never though of him, and turns back E.
  • He gave Emma her powers back after E almost throws her into the light.
  • After E is sucked into the light, he tries to apologize, saying he never wanted her to get hurt.
  • Jax gives Emma a rose at the end of the episode.
  • Jax still likes Emma.

Season 3

The Beachside 7

  • Jax waves at Emma at the beach and she smiles.
  • She is so distracted by Jax that she stops paying attention to Daniel, who is talking to her.

Rebel Emma

  • Jax and Emma reunite at Rebel's Boot Camp.
    Tumblr nn9jkmw4
  • They are surprised to see each other.
  • He asks her what she's doing here, and she tells him Desdemona sent her here.
  • She freaks out when she realizes she is in Rebel's Boot Camp.
  • Jax said most got sent home, stripped of their powers, and Emma smiles and points out that he's still here.
  • He says there's a week left and asks why she's here.
  • She says Desdemona accused her of public spell-casting and sent her here as punishment.
  • He asks if she did, to which she at first said no, but after he gave her a look, she confessed.
  • She says she can't stay, since it's her dad's birthday and she's throwing him a party.
  • He looks down after hearing this, and she tries to tell him it's no nig deal and that it's a small party.
  • He says not to worry, since they haven't seen each other for most of the summer, but is interrupted by Agamemnon.
  • They confide in each other about the spells they did: Emma making a rope appear and having to climb up it, and Jax having to life a tire, no verbal spell and with one finger.
  • She asks if they can leave afterwards, and when he says no she goes to talk to Agamemnon, even though he calls for her.
  • Jax has trouble lifting the tire after Agamemnon puts Emma under it.
  • He tells Emma to teletransport.
  • After Agamemnon put Emma under the tire Jax was lifting (with his powers) and could not hold much longer, he argued with him that Emma could have been hurt.
  • He said he would never let a ton of rubber fall on her.
  • Jax and Emma conquered their own fears together.
  • They hug twice.
  • She tells him she can't stay any longer and has to go.
  • Jax tells her that if they leave before finishing the S.O.D (Spell of the Day) they could get into a lot of trouble.
  • She says that he could stay, but she has to go. He, afraid of her getting in trouble, goes after her.
  • He tells her the emergency exit leads to Iridium High.
  • She is happy that it's closer to her house and suggests they get out of there, but Agamemnon catches them.

Always You

  • They get caught leaving boot camp by Agamemnon before they finish their spells of the day.
  • Jax tries to stop Agamemnon from taking her powers.
  • Jax taunted Agamemnon for not being able to take Emma's powers so his powers get confiscated for a short period of time.
  • She is worried about Jax when Agamemnon takes his powers away.
  • Emma thanks Jax for his help.
  • Jax goes to Emma for help after Agamemnon casts a spell on him .
    Emma trying to undo Agyy s spell on Jax
  • Emma tried to help Jax get the quill-like things off his face.
  • He told Emma that taking Andi to the council is a horrible idea and that he wouldn't mess with them if he was her.
  • She tells him to stop moving, and that Andi deserves to be a guardian, as she helped her save the realm twice.
  • She unintentionally laughs the third time she tries to undo Agamemnon's spell, which causes Jax pain.
  • Hex tells Jax that Emma and Andi are going to the Council, and that they need to be stopped.
  • He goes after Emma and Andi trying to stop them from bringing Andi to the Council, but is too late.

Breaking All The Rules

  • Jax along with the Hex tries to stop Emma from bringing Andi to the Council, concerned she may get in trouble.
  • He helps Emma up after she and Andi were kicked out of the Council's office.
  • Jax told Emma he changed for her.
  • He tells Emma and Andi to at least try after they have cooled down.
  • He and Andi attempt to help Emma from being sucked back into the Council, but they fail.

Neverending Summer

  • Emma tries helped Jax with his final exam, but say it's gibberish.
    Tumblr nn9jkmw4vE1s0d7jwo9 250
  • She tries to send his powers back to the magic realm, but they end up at the pool.
  • Emma comforts him as he realizes he will lose his powers.
  • Emma says that Jax is a better person now.
  • She tells him to go to the council and explain why he did what he did.
  • She asks if she'll see him at the party, and he responds by saying he's not in a partying mood.
  • Emma feels bad about Jax's situation and thanks Andi for helping him.
  • Emma hugs Jax when she finds out that he graduated boot camp, completely forgetting about Daniel.
  • He tells her all about how he got his powers back, and she seems happy for him.

Daniel Darko

  • Jax asked her if she's okay, after seeing her look so sad.
  • Jax tries to stand up for Emma after Daniel rudely broke up with her.
  • When Emma runs away after seeing Daniel kiss Mia, he runs after her.
  • Emma accuses him of casting a spell on Daniel after he kisses Mia.
  • Jax says that he would never do that to her.
  • Jax tries to make Emma feel better after Daniel broke up with her.
  • Jax gave Emma a blanket and a cup of hot coco when she wished for for it.
  • Emma and Jax hug and Jax kisses Emma on the forehead.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

  • Emma asks Jax to spy on Daniel with them, and he quickly declines at first.
  • Emma tells Jax that she needs him, and he caves in.
  • Jax helps Emma figure out what happened to Daniel.
  • He, Andi and Emma get caught spying on Daniel.
  • When he tries to make Daniel forgot he saw them, his powers disappear, and Emma asks what happend to them.
  • He admits  to them that he may have been overusing his powers because he was so happy they were back.
  • Emma helps Jax prove to Lily that he hasn't been over using his powers.
  • When his powers come back, he accidently turns Andi into a turtle, and Emma looks at him, shocked.
  • He correct the Counil bt telling them Daniel her ex-boyfriend, which makes Emma look at him angrily. He then adds that it's not important and tells them to continue.

Spider No More

  • Emma asked him to come over.
  • Jax helps Emma save Daniel even though he doesn't want to.
  • Jax says to Emma that she might still like Daniel or she can discover that there better guys for her.
  • He jokingly suggests way to deal with Daniel's change (drop him in he Great Barrier Reef and have him swim to shore, leave him in Limbo or the Abyss), which Emma is not amused by.
  • Jax tries to tell Emma that Daniel can no longer be trusted.
  • She tells him Daniel would never hurt her.
  • They both get splattered with Thousand Island Dressing, a prank pulled by Daniel.
  • Jax believes that Emma can take off the seal since her powers can't be taken away.
  • They, along with Andi, Sophie, Maddie and Diego meet at the school for breakfast to devise a plan to get the spider seal off Daniel.
  • He jokes and says they could put him in the Abyss, which Emma reprimands him for.
  • They, Andi, Sophie, Maddie, and Diego ambush him in the chemistry lab.
  • Jax looks upset after Daniel is "back to his old self" (even though he was faking it).

Back to Back

  • Jax sadly looks at Emma and Daniel at the dock.
  • She was happy to see Jax the next morning.
  • Emma asked how he knew about the necklace, and if he was spying on her; he didn't deny it very well.
  • Jax stayed with Emma while she was stuck with Maddie (whom Diego stayed with).
  • They are seen with Maddie and Diego walking and talking together.
  • She gets mad when she finds out Jax put a spell on Daniel so he can't leave his house.
  • Jax revealed to Emma, with the help of Andi, that Daniel was still under the spider seal.

El Cristal de Caballero

  • Jax believes Emma when she thinks that Mia is the one causing trouble.
  • Jax is trying to find the crystal to save her.
  • Jax is hoping that Emma will stay single.
  • They, along with Andi, Maddie, Sophie, and Diego were asked by Daniel to meet him in the cafeteria.
  • He tells Daniel to stay away from Emma in the middle of an argument.

Kanay vs. Kanay

  • Jax had a feeling and knew that Emma was in trouble.
  • Jax wanted to get Emma out of the janitor's closet, but not Maddie.
  • Jax gave Emma his hand when her fingers were numb
  • Jax gave his jacket to Emma to keep her warm.
  • Jax referred to his ability to find Emma when she is in danger his "Emma sense"

Invisible Me

  • Jax finds the crystal to save Emma and Maddie.
  • Emma says she might not be over Jax.
  • Emma was very happy to see Jax, until she found out he accidentally made Andi invisible.
  • He jokes about her dad's Big Brains meeting.
  • She says don't make fun of it, because her dad's making her join.
  • He assures her that she will get in, and jokingly says she has an unusually large head, which makes her smile. 
  • Emma and Jax worked together to make Andi visible again.

The Truth About Kanays

  • Emma goes to Jax for help when she accidentally makes herself invisible.
  • She tells him that she needs to talk to Daniel in private.
  • He says he'll be outside if he needs her.
  • She vents about being invisible and her fight with Daniel to him.
  • Emma agreed with Jax when he said maybe she should be with a wizard.
  • She tells him he doesn't have to be so happy about, to which he says she doesn't have to be so down about it.
  • Jax dances foolishly to cheer Emma up after Daniel breaks up with her.
  • Jax and invisible Emma slow dance.
  • She gets caught in the middle of Jax and Daniel fighting when Daniel interrupts them and leaves in the middle of it.
  • Jax finds her at the school.
  • Jax tells her to go ask the Council for help, since they can't take her powers away.
  • Emma thanks Jax for helping her with everything.
  • Her dad tells her Daniel or Jax aren't allowed in the house anymore.

Zombie Rescue Team

  • Jax was following Emma, but lies and says he was early for school.
  • He said he was worried about her, so he followed her, fearing she was in trouble.
  • Jax says he has a wizard sense whenever Emma is in trouble.
  • She says his wizard sense is non-sense, which he jokingly takes offense to.
  • Jax helps Emma find Andi and Hex by turning into a dog.
  • They end up at Daniel's house and learns that he is at Mia's house.
  • They barge in on Mia, Daniel, Diego, Maddie, Andi, and Phillip.
  • They are held hostage in Mia's basement.

Kangaroo Jax

  • Jax tells her he didn't take Phillip out of the game because he was with her.
  • They are surprised when they find out Hex is the one who took him out of the game.
  • Jax tries to protect Emma from Mia.
  • He stands in front of her after Mia threw a fireball at them.
  • He says she really is too powerful for the crystal after she casts a spell to send Mia away and it worked.
  • Jax suggested to wipe her dad's memory so he would forget about last night.
  • She said that she didn't want to and that her dad was right: she shouldn't have left the house.
  • She agrees with Jax when he says she couldn't have let Mia turn Andi into a giant "freezer pop."
  • He said now that they know the crystal doesn't work on her, they have to go after Mia.
  • Emma think her powers are off, and Jax said it didn't look like that to him.
  • He says he'll see her after class.
  • Jax refuses to tell the council about Emma powers to protect her, so they turn him into a kangaroo.


  • Emma defends Jax when Daniel accuses him of being the reason a kangaroo is loose. (Little does he know he is the kangaroo)
  • Emma is worried when she finds out Jax is the kangaroo.
  • She demands that Agamemnon turn him back, saying he could be captured by animal control.
  • Emma agreed to get rid of the zombie if they change Jax back.
  • She asks if he's alright, and is happy to see him.
  • Emma and Jax hug after he is changed back.
  • He laughs when Emma screams at him teleporting in with Phillip.
  • She tells him not to do that, and asks what if her dad was here.
  • He said he'd freeze him, erase his memory and draw a mustache on his face, which did not amuse her.
  • She tells him to next time use the front door, and he complies.
  • Jax warns Emma when he thinks the council will overthrow her after remembering a conversation with Agamemnon when he was still a kangaroo.

Magical Throwdown

  • Jax is trying to protect Emma.
  • Jax is worried about Emma.
  • He said Agamemnon is worried about her and are not afraid to neutralize her like the principal. (although it was Emma and Maddie that destroyed her.)
  • He said they're waiting for once more slip-up so Lily will side with them and then no more Chosen One.
  • He warns her about altering reality.
  • He tells to do what she promised to do, and that she can't go breaking all the rules without consequences, as he well knows.
  • He says he can't let her turn Phillip human and leaves.
  • Jax gets desperate and tells Daniel about Emma's plan, hoping he will be able to change her mind.
  • He goes to her house to try to convince her again not to do it, but is summoned by the Council.
  • He is asked if he spoke to Emma about not doing it, and says its private and he doesn't understand what the big deal is.
  • They say it will change her forever, and the choice people make makes them who they are.
  • He asked Daniel if he talked to Emma, but all he said is that it's private.

The Kanay Strikes Back

  • Jax is teleported to Emma's house to make it look like he stole Hex.
  • Jax agrees that they can't send Phillip back into the game.
  • Jax helps Emma turn Phillip into a human.
  • He offers to do the spell.
  • Emma says he trusts him, but he's not strong enough.
  • He says spells like this require an even exchange.
  • When he asks how he knows, he said he doesn't know for sure but they have to be prepared.
  • He tells her he thought he saw Desdemona holding the Hex captive in a net.
  • Later, they along with Andi and Daniel, are sitting in the dining room, going over the plan.
  • He asks Emma how do we know the crystal will work.
  • She said it amplifies spells so it should work.
  • Jax asks what if Mia comes after Emma, due to her being weak and vulnerable after casting the spell.
  • Jax says this  has to do with Emma and the realm so it has to do with him.
  • Emma wants to give Jax a few more minutes, even though they're running out of time.
  • She is happy to see Jax.
  • They both are surprised it worked.

New Witch Order

  • Jax sticks up for Emma when the Witches Council scold her for turning Phillip human.
  • He says he is taking Emma home, and so does Daniel.
  • He whines about not being able to take Emma home.
    Tumblr nn9jkmw4vE1s0d7jwo6 500

    Jemma :D

  • Jax goes into the game to save Emma.
  • Emma is excited to see Jax.
  • They hug.
  • Jax says that Emma is the only person that really knows who he is.
  • Jax tells Emma that he believes in his heart that they belong together.
  • He tells her when they get out, she has to decide: him or Daniel.
  • They along with Mia, run to the clocktower.
  • Jax protects Emma from the zombies.
  • They along with Mia are rescued by Maddie and the Hex.
  • Jax defends Emma from the Council and tells them to lay off her.
  • Jax offers to walk Emma home.
  • Emma chose Jax over Daniel.
  • Emma and Jax kiss in the pool and are finally back together.

Season 4

A World Without You

Jemma kiss s4
  • Emma and Jax kiss in the pool.
  • Emma and Jax kiss again after getting out of the pool.
  • Emma says she chose him because he accepts her for who she is.
  • Jax offers to take Emma on a date and she happily accepts.
  • Emma thought Jax was joking when he asked who Daniel was.
  • Emma, freaking out, tells Jax she has to go home, and she'll call him.
  • Jax was rushing to get to Emma's house to help her unfreeze her father.
  • Emma tells him that she may have altered reality by choosing him, and he thinks she regrets it, which she denies.
  • He promises they will figure this out together.
  • Emma asks about her dad, and Jax says he will keep him out of sight until her powers come back.
  • Jax tells Emma to rest and then they cuddle.
  • He walks up to her and Andi the next day at school.
  • Jax tells her he had to clean up his entire house last night, and that's why he looks a mess.
  • Emma smiled at Jax as he walked toward her and she felt bad for him because his dad was being tough on him.
  • Jax, along with Andi, Diego, and the Panthers all tell Emma that Jax was the one who gave her a tour of the school her first day, and was kidnapped by the Principal.

Road Trippin'

  • Emma tries to get Jax to remember Daniel by telling him about their history: swimming on the Sharks, being in the school play, having a sword fight in school, etc.
  • Jax asked if that means that he and Daniel didn't get along, which Emma hesistates to admit.
  • Jax then recapped everything Emma told him and Emma agrees that it's spot on, which makes Jax look a bit upset.
  • Emma insists that it's not what he thinks, saying she's happy she chose him, but wants to know that Daniel is okay. She asks wouldn't he if it was the other way around.
  • Jax tells her she should know he'd help her, and she smiles at and calls him the most understanding boyfriend
    Jemma stare in car
    , which makes him smile back.
  • Jax then leaves for class, and asks if he'll see her later for movies. She, who forgot, agrees. He then tells her he'll meet her at their secret spot, which she also doesn't remember.
  • He kisses her on the cheek before he leaves.
  • They are seen at the Seven discussing what to do about the Continuum Break
  • Jax says he needs to go home, and Emma asks if everything is okay. He insists it is, and says to tell him how it goes.
  • When Jax's dad asks him to find out if Emma is the cause of the 'shift in the magic energy field" and refuses, saying he won't do anything to put Emma in danger ever again.
  • Emma is upset the three leads she were given lead to a dead end, but Jax encouraged that they'll find Daniel.
  • Emma tells Andi that Jax texted and said he's picking them up.
    Tumblr nr4n2osZmT1rcqnnxo1 500
  • Jax tells him it's his dad's magic car, and it drives itself.
  • Emma asks if he let him use it, and Jax replies by saying he didn't say no.
  • Jax tells Emma "that if I have to go to the Everglades and find my girlfriend's ex-boyfriend then I'm doing it in style.
  • Jax puts his arm around Emma while they are in the car.
  • They travel to the Everglades with Andi and the rest of the gang.
  • Emma is upset when Jax stops after realizing everyone else is missing, saying her memories of Daniel are fading.
  • Jax promises that they'll find Diego, Gigi, Lily, and the Panthers.

Ever in the Everglades

  • They come back from looking in the sanctuary and didn't see Daniel, or anyone.
  • Jax tries to tell her no one is here, but she insist they check again.
  • Jax asks if she should be getting jealous, and Emma reminds him she chose him.
  • Jax gets jealous when Emma runs to hug Daniel.
  • Jax doesn't agree to go on the tour but decides to go for Emma.
  • They take a tour of the airboat with Daniel.
  • Jax seems to be jealous of Daniel.
  • Emma is frustrated with Jax when he doesn't want to stay and help her with Daniel.

Stuck in a Storm

  • Emma convinces Jax to stay, saying there's a storm coming and his hair will get all spiky. She also says this was her fault and she needs to fix it.
  • He told her he wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for her.
  • Jax asks Emma if she knows Mia, and she says they all do. Jax tells her they'll figure that out later.
  • They along with Andi, Maddie, and Diego figure out how to locate Gigi, Katie, and Sophie
  • Jax tells Lily that between him, Emma, Andi, and Diego they can take on anything that comes their way.
  • Emma looks at Jax concerned when he runs away after hearing a bird.
  • Jax sees Daniel trying to help Emma off the boat and steps in.
  • When Emma falls in some dirt and mud, Jax helps her up, checks if she's okay, smiles at her and they hug.
  • Emma warns him and Andi that Mia was dangerous in the other reality.
  • After Andi reassures Emma is still crazy about him, Jax decides to do something special for Emma.
  • Jax's special date for Emma goes awry when Gigi and Daniel see him cast a spell.

A Tale of Two Lives

  • Jax makes Emma a romantic candle light dinner, but it goes awry.
  • Emma asks why he tied Daniel up, and he says Daniel can't tell anyone what he just saw.
  • Jax warns her about telling Daniel about magic and his other life.
  • Jax says that "this is awkward" to Emma, to which she replies she didn't have a choice. But he tells her me was talking about Gigi interacting with Mrs. Miller, and points to them.
  • Jax continues to help Emma save Daniel even though he doesn't want to.

Twisted Sister

  • Emma said to Daniel that she moved on and started dating Jax.
  • Jax introduces Emma to Jessie.
  • Emma seems excited to find out he has a sister.
  • Jessie says that she could tell that Emma was Jax's girlfriend because of "the way he looks at her" and when she said that Emma smiled at Jax.
  • Jax warns Emma about his dad's plan involving The Chosen One.
  • Emma was so happy to find out that Jax has a sister.
  • He asks her about Daniel, and she admits it's not going as well as she hoped.

Lunch at Lola's

  • Jax goes to see Emma at her house.
  • Jax tells her why he thinks Jessie is his sister.
  • Jax tries to spend a lot of time with Mr. Alonso so that he likes him.
  • Emma wants to help Jax figure out what his father is keeping from him.
  • Emma stops Jax from casting a spell on Andi.
  • She asks if his dad told him anything about Jessie yet.
  • He tells her that he's sure his dad will tell him everything he needs to know, or they'll be Jax to pay.
  • Jax still is helping Daniel to make Emma happy.
  • Emma catches Jax looking at Talia, and he tells her he's getting a vibe from her, like she's a magical being from the realm.
  • Jax tells Emma not to eat the food, but she does anyway.
  • Emma is offended when she finds out Jax is over helping Daniel remember.
  • Emma tells Jax she made a big mistake, but later revealed to be talking about telling Daniel about the break.
  • Jax kisses Emma on the cheek after greeing to check Daniel's house and see if the break is over.

Monkey Face Emoji

  • Jax goes to help Emma recreate all her memories with Daniel,
  • Emma starts hanging out with Jessie more.
  • When Jessie sends Emma a text saying that Jax is in danger she immediately goes to save him.
  • Emma says "that if something ever happened to Jax she would never be able to forgive herself."
  • Emma was spending time with Jax and his family.

The Final Countdown

  • Jax wanted to tell Emma that his mother was alive.
  • Jax went to check up on Emma to make sure she was okay because Daniel only had 30 until he would vanished.
  • When Daniel kissed Emma she pushed him away and said she was with Jax.
  • Jax saw Emma and Daniel kissing but didn't see the part when Emma pushed him away.
  • Jax was very hurt and he transported out of Daniel's house before Emma could explain what happened.

Diego's Wipedown

  • Emma tells Daniel that she cares for Jax more.
  • Emma tells Daniel that she can't explain what she has with Jax that it's a feeling.
    Emma letting herself into Jax s house
  • Emma is worried about Jax when he doesn't come to school or answer her texts.
  • Emma goes to his house to explain the kiss with Daniel.
  • He closes the door on her, and she uses a spell to open it.
  • Emma took Jax into the past to see what really happened between her and Daniel.
  • Jax smiles after seeing what Emma said to Daniel.
  • She calls him her "Grade A Jerk" when he calls himself a "Grade A Jerk" and they kiss.
  • They hugged after teleporting back to Jax's house.
  • They get caught by Jax's dad, who threatens to tell the Council about going back in time.
  • Emma persuades Jax to find his mother while walking to her house together.
  • Emma is proud of Jax when he says he didn't faint when he heard a bird while going to visit his mother.
  • Emma is happy for Jax when he tells her that his mom is still alive and she hugged him.
  • Emma comes with Jax to talk to Ursula about his mom.
  • Emma defends Jax against Maddie and Ursula, and later Diego.
  • They hold hands and hugged many times in this episode.

Van Pelt Reunion

  • Emma helped Jax see his mother again.
  • Emma is happy that Jax has a mother.
  • Emma sneaked out of the house to see Jax and tell him that she misses her mom.
  • Jax tries to cheer her up when she was sad.
  • Emma is letting Jax and his mom meet at her house to they can see each other more.

Back to Square One

  • Liana thinks Emma is a terrific girl and Jax agrees.
  • Emma has a scrapbook full of pictures of her and Jax.
  • Emma tells Jax about her idea to go back in time to save her mom.
  • They lie to Jax's mom about the photo booth pictures, not wanting her to know it's actually Emma's clone.

Power in a Bottle

  • Jax is impressed when he finds out that Emma was able to take way the council's powers.
  • Jax supports Emma as she tries to learn more about her powers.
  • Emma has dinner with Jax and his family.
  • Emma is happy that Jax will be living with his family.
  • Emma says she has his back if he needs it.
  • When Jax said "I think you only like me for my mom" and then Emma replies "that's not true, I like your hair too!"
  • Emma tries to protect Jessie.
  • Emma and Jax battle Jake together.
  • Emma helps Jax secure the house to make sure Jax and his family will be safe.
  • Jax thanks Emma for helping him with everything.
  • They call each other amazing.
  • Jax is starting to like that Emma is using her powers more and Emma likes it too.
  • They smile and intertwine hands.

What If?

  • Emma tells Jax about her fight with Andi and Hex.
  • Jax lets Emma look in his dad's library to find a spell book.
  • They laugh about his father's books on finance and literature.
  • Emma tells Jax that she found a time manipulation spell.
  • He smiles when Emma hugs his mom.
  • Emma calls Jax when she finds a spell for time manipulation.


  • Jax helps with her time manipulation spell.
  • Jax is worried that when Emma goes back in time she won't remember him.
  • When the orb dsisappears, she tells him she's not powerful enough, yet.
  • Jax and Emma hold hands as they walk down the hall.
  • They tell Daniel Emma can't send him back to the Everglades just yet.
  • Jax helps Emma borrow Maddie's powers.
  • Emma tells Jax that maybe she should just forget it, and he looks at her sadly.
  • Jax tries to offer Emma his powers to make her powerful enough to use the time manipulation spell.
  • Emma says she can't take Jax's powers because she would never forgive herself if anything happened to him and his family, but she thanks him for the offer.
  • She tells him that everyone's turning on her, and he reminds her that he isn't.
  • She says she doesn't want to lose her friends over this. Jax tells her if she wants to stop, then we'll stop.
  • Emma tells him she wants to bring her mom back, but they have to do it quickly. He asks how, and she says with more power.
  • She suggest taking Jax's dad's powers.

Stop Emma

  • Emma urges Jax to help her, saying his father won't be able to hurt his mom or sister without powers.
  • Jax agrees to help Emma strip Jake Novoa of his powers so that Emma can be strong enough to do the spell.
  • They are later seen at his house looking for a spell to take Jake's powers.
  • When Emma couldn't find anything, Jax insists she check again.
  • Emma instead decides to bring back the Principal, which Jax warns her about.
  • Jax tells her that she can't have a rogue witch running around, but
  • Emma says they can use one of Jax's light prisons to trap the Principal.
  • Emma assures Jax that Jessie is fine after he realizes she left the house.
  • Emma is worried that the Council is trying to convince Jax to turn against her but Jax says that would never happen.
  • They tell each other to be careful.
  • Jax kisses Emma's head before leaving.
  • Andi said Jax would never turn against Emma.
  • Jax tells Emma everything that his father told him about his mother.
  • He doesn't seem convinced that she's not interested in Andi's text.
  • She is shocked and yells, alerting her father.
  • She urges Jax to go, hearing her father come up to her room.
  • He smiles at her, and complies.

Mommie Dearest

  • He gets upset after realizing her mother is trying to get rid of Emma.
  • Emma calls him several times, but he is unable to pick up due to his mom freezing him in place.

A Girl's Sacrifice

  • Emma knew that Jax would never help Liana.
  • Jax urges Jessie to find Emma, knowing she is in danger.
  • Jax saves Emma from being sent into the center of the orb.
  • Emma says "I knew you would never desert me" and Jax replies "I'd never desert you."
  • When Liana was sent to limbo Emma comforts Jax and Jessie with two hugs.
  • Jax doesn't look happy when Emma says she still wants to bring her mother back.
  • He comforts her after she decides not to do it.
  • He seems happy when she gives everyone their powers back.
  • He along with everyone else becomes worried when Emma resummons the orb.
  • It is revealed that Emma erased his memory of Daniel along with everyone else except Andi.
  • Jax lets Emma and Andi use his car so that they can go to the Everglades.
  • Jax gets a little jealous when Emma says they are going to the Everglades to see some guy but she said he doesn't need to be jealous, and that he's just a friend.
  • Jax kisses Emma on the cheek.
  • Jax comes to the school to say goodbye to Andi with Emma.
  • Jax comforts Emma because he knows that she is sad that Andi is leaving.
  • Jax tells Emma that no matter what happens "as long as if we have each other then we'll be okay."
  • Emma and Jax share a passionate kiss out in the hallway by the lockers.


  • Best Surprise - Pete Masitti
  • Boy Meets Girl - Wizardz Of Oz ft. Dan Murphy
  • Maps - Maroon 5
  • Say You Like Me - We The Kings
  • Caught Up In You - Victoria Justice
  • I Choose You - Sara Bareilles
  • Don't Deserve You - Plumb
  • True Love - P!nk ft. Lily Allen
  • Hypnotic - Zella Day
  • Why Try - Ariana Grande
  • Still Into You - Paramore
  • Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert
  • With Ur Love - Cher Lloyd
  • Differences - Ginuwine
  • Nobody Does it Like You - Selena Gomez
  • Starving - Hailee Steinfeld ft. Zedd
  • Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
  • Jealous - Nick Jonas
  • Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne
  • Nothin' On You - B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars
  • One More Night - Maroon 5
  • Mine - Taylor Swift
  • Only 1 - Ariana Grande
  • Naturally - Selena Gomez
  • Luv U Better - LL Cool J
  • Love The Way You Lie Pt.2 - Eminem ft. Rihanna
  • Leavin' - Jesse McCartney
  • Give Love A Try - Nick Jonas
  • The Way - Ariana Grande
  • Unconditionally - Katy Perry
  • The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin
  • Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend
  • Sorry I Stole Your Girlfriend - Stereo Skyline
  • Locked Away - R. City ft. Adam Levine
  • With Love - Christina Grimmie
  • Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin
  • Your Loves Like - Sabrina Carpenter
  • As Long As I Have You - Dove Cameron
  • Touch It - Ariana Grande
  • Call It What You Want - Taylor Swift

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