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Iridium High, prepare to be Jax'd.
~ Jax in Jax of Hearts

Jax Novoa
Full Name

Jax Novoa


Jax the Ferret (by Andi)
Mr. Novoa (by Agamemnon and Desdemona)
Jaxy Waxy (by Emma)
Birdman (by Andi)





Resides In

Miami, Florida (Currently)
Sydney, Australia (Formerly)


The Sharks


Iridium High


Liana Woods (Mother)
Jake Novoa (Father)


Jessie Novoa (Younger Sister) Unnamed Younger Twin Sisters


Emma Alonso (Girlfriend)


Daniel Miller (Former Teammate/Frenemy)
Diego Rueda (Friend/Teammate)
Andi Cruz (Close Friend/Former Teammate/Partner in Crime)
Philip Van Pelt (Good Friend)
Jax Jr. (Clone/Assistant)
Maddie Van Pelt (Frenemy)
Lily (Guardian)
Cousin Bill (Admits he has a cousin in Stormageddon)
Aunt Becky (Admits he has an aunt in Stormageddon)
Uncle Leon (Admits he has an uncle in Stormageddon)

Eye Color


Hair Color



5'8" (173 m)


2, 3, 4

First Seen

Jax of Hearts

Last Seen

A Girl's Sacrifice

Portrayed By

Rahart Adams

Jax Novoa is a male wizard that enrolls at Iridium High in Season 2 of Every Witch Way. He is the co-antagonist in Season 2. Bad boy Jax has changed a lot since he first set foot in the halls of Iridium High. He finally won Emma's heart, but the drama isn't over. New faces will force Jax to make some tough choices about his heart, his family and the future of the Magic Realm. We all know Jax Novoa doesn't give up without a fight but is that enough this time?

His girlfriend is Emma Alonso; although he is easy to crush on. In early Season 2; as he starts to enroll and Iridium High, Katie, Sophie, and Gigi all crush on him as well.

He was portrayed by Rahart Adams.


Season 2

Jax joins Iridium High and tries to stir things up a bit. He meets Emma and they become friends. Jax has been in love with Emma ever since they met in the first episode of season 2, Jax of Hearts. Throughout the season, Jax is under the influence of his father, and unbeknownst to Emma, he tries to take over the world. When Emma gets herself in trouble by making clones, Jax takes the blame and so the council takes his powers. He then reminds Emma about saving her powers and then has a dispute with Daniel.

Later on, in the season, Jax reclaims his powers and teams up with E to try and destroy the Magic Realm during the Fool Moon but he does the right thing by betraying her. Jax is sent to Rebel's Boot Camp; due to this situation.

Season 3

Jax is sent to a Rebel boot camp over the summer. In season 3, he changes for Emma and tries to become a better wizard. He also becomes civil with Andi. In New Witch Order Emma chooses Jax over Daniel and they transport to the pool where they share a kiss and are finally back together.

Season 4

Jax is over the moon as he is finally chosen by Emma. However, he and everyone else, have lost their memories of Daniel due to Emma's decision. Now their relationship doesn't get off to a good start as Emma is consumed with trying to get Daniel to remember that it's starting to affect their relationship. Jax grows more jealous seeing Emma and Daniel together, despite Emma reminding him of choosing him over Daniel. In order to show his support for her, he attempts to surprise her for a romantic dinner together, but Daniel and Gigi accidentally walk in on him and witness him using his powers.

Due to this, Emma tells Daniel the entire truth and is able to convince him to return to Miami, much to Jax's disappointment. However, Jax is facing other problems as his father returns home and he discovers some shocking news that will change his life forever: He has a long lost sister.

Physical Appearance 

Jax is shown to have very nice light tan skin with black Elvis inspired hair and brown eyes. Jax wears a black leather jacket with khaki pants and black combat boots. He also has a very strong Australian accent.


Jax is a rebellious wizard who loves using his powers. To others, he comes off as arrogant, sarcastic, and rude. He is very quirky and is not afraid to ask questions. He is also very curious about everyone. He has shown his sensitive/soft side around Emma except for his sensitiveness around his father. He's not the kind of person to show much emotion unless it's the pride of his own insults or sarcastic comments although Emma has seen him broken and his act of arrogance drops.


Emma Alonso

Girlfriend/In Love With

Jax has an arm round Emma
Cause i ain't looking at no one else

Jemma *Xoxo

In Season 2, Emma was the second person to meet Jax. Jax has been in love with Emma since then. She was assigned to show Jax around the school. Jax knows that Emma is a witch. Emma even invited him to lunch and later met Andi. Jax would often follow Emma around and spy on her. He even offered to help Emma with her transportation spells. In the Season 2 episode, Daniel Who? he and Emma accidentally erase Daniel's memory. It is shown that when Daniel got his memory back, Jax became a little bit upset, which means he began to develop feelings for Emma. In the episode Stormageddon, he shares details about his family with Emma and she learns that there is more to him than meets the eye. In About a Wizard, Jax sacrificed his powers to save Emma's powers, and Emma kissed Jax to thank him and then they became a couple. They broke up in The Abyss because Emma thought they were too different and he should be with someone more like him. It was later discovered that Jax's father was forcing him to use  Emma to destroy the Magic Realm during the last light of the fool moon but instead Jax actually developed feelings for Emma. At the end of the season Jax ended up betraying his dad and he saved Emma. Jax continued to have feelings for Emma but at this time she was still dating Daniel.
Jax helping Emma pick up her tray

In Season 3, he was sent to Rebel's Boot Camp as a punishment for almost destroying the realm. When Emma is sent there, they instantly bonded again. Jax is trying to show Emma that he has changed and that he really wants to become a good person. When school starts, they become closer than ever, and Emma overtime realizes she still has feelings for him. He is shown to be more caring this season, standing by when Daniel went "Darko" when Mia tried to destroy her, and when she stood up to the council. In the season 3 finale, New Witch Order, Emma chose Jax over Daniel and transports to the pool where they share a romantic kiss and are finally back together.    
Every Witch Way S04E10
In Season 4, Jax and Emma are officially back together, but due to the Continuum Break, Jax and everyone else's memories are replaced/altered so no one but Emma remembers Daniel. As Emma continues to try and get Daniel to remember his real life, Emma is letting this affect her relationship with Jax as he grows more and more jealous. Emma has told Jax that he shouldn't be jealous because she chose him. In The Final Countdown, Jax sees Emma kissing Daniel, and believes she wants to be with him. However, she took him back in time to show that she pushed Daniel away and said she is with Jax. They kissed and reconcile, and Jax finally tells her about seeing his mother, whom he thought was dead. Emma has been encouraging Jax to keep seeing his mother. Emma is being very supportive of everything that's going on with Jax and his family. When Emma starts to miss her mother she decides to go back in time and save her mother. Jax helps her to do this because he knows that this would make Emma be happy. It was later discovered that Jax's mother has been tricking Emma and Jax to use the orb so that she can steal Emma's powers.
Emma and Jax final kiss

Liana's plan was to use Emma's powers and give it to Jessie and Jax so they can rule the realm as a family. Once Jax knew his mother's true intentions he then betrayed her and saved Emma Jax was very upset about what happened with his mother and Emma was there to comfort him. In the final moments of the series, Andi was leaving to go to the WITS Academy and Jax came to say goodbye to Andi. Once Andi leaves Emma says "I feel like a part of our lives is ending" and then Jax says "that's true but it's also a new beginning." Emma starts crying and asks Jax "what do you think it's going to be like" and then Jax replies and says "I not sure but I do know one thing, that as long as if we have each other then we'll be okay." They smile at each other and share a passionate kiss and then Every Witch Way ends.

Andi Cruz

Close Friend/Teammate/Partner In Crime

Jax and Andi don't get along at first but they become "friends" later in Season 2 after he helped Emma repeatedly with her magic related issues. They're both in the Sharks. When Andi found out that Jax cheated to earn himself a
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spot on The Sharks, she banned him but later on accepted it as well. When Emma brought Phillip out of the game, he agreed with Andi that he should stay awhile. In the season finale, Andi helped Jax open the Magic Realm and get his powers back and in return, he said he'd bring back Philip, which he didn't do. Andi then called him a trader and banned him from the Sharks for life. Though he ended up not destroying the realm and gave Emma her powers back, Andi didn't look like she forgave him.  In Season 3, they put their differences aside and become friends when Emma once again needs help. They team up to find out if the spider seal is still on Daniel and go looking for the Crystal De Caballero in the principal's offices so they can free Emma and Maddie from its hold on them. Andi along with Emma seems to believe that Jax has changed and she would have to accept him if she becomes a guardian.

In Season 4, Andi often helps him with he and Emma's relationship. In the season 4 episode, Stuck in a Storm, Daniel gives Emma some water and he becomes jealous. Andi tells him "Look, I'm only gonna say this once Emma's nuts about you, in this reality, her reality, where ever." he then asks "How do you know that?" she responds "Because I know Emma and so do you, which is why we should trust that whatever she's doing, she has to do." which makes him feel better. In Twisted Sister, she agrees to 'babysit' his sister Jessie so he can train for nationals. He laughs when he finds out she taped Jessie to a classroom door. They along with Emma, Diego, Gigi, and the Panthers travel to a restaurant called Lola's to help Daniel get his memories back. Jax and Andi have grown a lot as friends. When Andi left to go to the WITS Academy Jax came to say goodbye before she left and asked her to take care of his sister. They hug before she leaves.

Jax Jr.


Jax Jr. helps Jax around the house and his very loyal to Jax.  He first appears in Season 2. Jax's father doesn't approve of Jax making clones but Jax keeps making them.

Daniel Miller

Former Rival/Teammate/Friend

Daniel was the fifth person to meet Jax. Jax asked Diego and Daniel if they needed a new shark. He, without Daniel knowing, used magic to win his race against Daniel. After that, they seem to become friends, even inviting Jax over for their all-nighter. Things change when Daniel breaks up with Emma and Jax develops
feelings for Emma. When she and Jax are together they aren't friends anymore and he is more determined to get her back. They go head to head many times about who should be with Emma In the season 2 finale, Daniel gets Emma back. In Season 3, they are still fighting for her, one believing he is better than the other, but the decision is up to Emma When Daniel breaks up with her yet again in Season 3 (The Truth About Kanays) Jax is there to comfort her about it and says she should be with a wizard. When Maddie, the Hex, Desdemona, and Agamemnon all help bring Emma, Jax, and Mia out of the game, Daniel thanks Jax for bringing her back. At the end of New Witch Order, both guys told Emma that she needs to choose who she wants to be with. We still don't know if they're friends or rivals since Emma chose Jax. Jax does still gets jealous when he was around Emma but now Jax seems confident that Tessa likes him and he doesn't get jealous during the back half of Season 4. After Emma sends Daniel back to the Everglades, Jax once again loses his memory of him; as everyone else does.

Jake Novoa


It seems that Jax has an estranged relationship with his father, as they have no sentimental moments, and he only talks to Jax to either reprimand him or to ask him to do something for him. When Jake sees Jessie it seems that he recognized her. So Jax thinks his Dad is keeping a big secret from him. Jake erased Jax's memories of Jessie when he was 5 years old and told him that his mother passed away but instead, Jax's mother left his father and took Jessie away with her. The truth later came out that Liana was actually and wanted to raise Jax and Jessie to become enough to destroy the realm and Jake never approved of this so then Liana then decided to take Jessie. And Jake has been spending all his time trying to find Jessie so that they could be a family once again. Once Liana was sent to Limbo Jake came back home to be with his family and now they all seem to be a very close happy family.

Jessie Novoa


Jassie hug

Jax and Jessie hugging

Jax was shocked to find out that he has a sister. Jessie wants Jax to teach her about magic. She wants to live in the Novoa house so she, Jax, and Jake can live together as one happy family. It is revealed that in Monkey Face Emoji that Jessie has actually been living with her mother instead of living in a foster home. Jessie and Jax start to spend more time together and are actually starting to like one another. Jax promised his mother that he would protect Jessie. Jax and Jessie are very close now and care about each other very much. Jax just wants what is best for Jessie. Once Jessie got her powers Jax seemed very excited and even showed her some spells. And together they were able to defeat their mother and save Emma. Jax seems to be happy to have Jessie in his life. Jax trusts Jessie and has shown to love and care for her very much.

Liana Woods



Jax finally found out that his mom is alive in Monkey Face Emoji and ventures to go see after Jessie gives him her address. She is just as surprised to see him and he is her, and they share a hug. Liana tells Jax how much she missed him and how much she regretted leaving him behind. However, Jake finds out where Liana has been living and almost catches her. Liana then receives Jax's letter and they visit each other at Emma's house. It turns out that Liana is a witch and has been using Jax so she can trick Emma into using the orb so that she can steal Emma's powers. Once Jax discovers the truth he immediately turns against his mother. He and Jessie then defeat her and she was sent to limbo but Jax tells Jessie that they can go visit her soon once she calms down. 

Katie Rice


Katie was the third person to meet Jax. She lied to Jax saying she was Head Panther and told him not to tell Maddie but Jax didn't know who Maddie was at the time. They didn't talk much after that, besides the times he cast spell on Maddie and she defends her. He later insults her about her "boyfriend" Howard.


Sophie Johnson


Sophie was the fourth person to meet Jax. She finds Jax very attractive. Sophie along with Katie both told Jax they were a part of the Panthers and that they rule the school. Jax is weirded out by her most of the time. In Season 4, it is revealed they have chemistry together.

Diego Rueda

Good Friend/Teammate

Diego was the sixth person to meet Jax. Diego was questioning Jax about all
the different strokes. He even made up one just to see if Jax knew what he was talking about. He was disgusted when he found out he was a Kanay. They seem civil though in Season 3, after the food fight. In Season 4, they seem pretty close, as they have a Shark chant, shown in A Tale of Two Lives.

Gigi Rueda



Jax met Gigi Rueda right after he met Katie and Sophie. Gigi had asked Jax 3 different questions: Why'd you move here? Are you single? and Were you or were you not canoodling with Emma Alonso? but she never gave Jax a chance to answer them. She seemed to have developed a crush on him, but it faded as she began to have feelings for Daniel. They don't seem to interact much in the show.

Maddie Van Pelt


Maddie and Jax first met at the Seven in The Fool Moon. He seemed impressed by her after hearing  about the craziness she caused the year before. They became enemies when they both had a magic duel in the cafeteria with Diego in The Breakup. Maddie considered it payback when Jax cast a spell on her without her powers at the time being. Maddie usually has a specific dislike to him when they encounter or interact with one another as well. In the season 3 finale, New Witch Order, Maddie helped rescue Emma Jax, and Mia out of the video game, Zombie Apocalypse 3.


Ex-Girlfriend/Enemy [[Emma vs. Emma|
Evil Emma And Jax
Evil Emma And Jax

Evil Emma and Jax had their first kiss in Double Trouble. Evil Emma and Jax broke up in Emma vs. Emma when Jax betrayed her by giving Emma her powers back. Jax had a crush on her as soon as Emma cloned herself and Jax always preferred her over the real Emma although he changed his mind in season 3 since he is in love with the real Emma, E is next seen in the series finale, teaming up with Liana before being sent back into Emma's body.

Mia Black

Acquaintance/Former Enemy

In New Witch Order he goes into the video game to save Mia and Emma At first Jax has a very high suspicion of Mia (mostly because of Emma but soon learns to forgive her after she decides to end her feud between kanays and witches/wizards.

Francisco Alonso


Principal Alonso was the first person that Jax met at the school. Jax lied to
Principal Alonso about having good grades. Jax even changed his grades with his powers to make it seem real. Principal Alonso has taken a liking to Jax. In season 3, he along with Andi get into some trouble, which may have caused a strain in their relationship. In Season 4, since Emma shifted reality, their relationship remains strong, as Francisco seems to treat him like his own son.

Phillip Van Pelt

Good Friend

Memorable Character Quotes

Love Pie Redux 

Jax (to Emma): You're pretty slow for a witch.

Wants a Cracker 

Jax (to Andi, after finding out that Emma turned herself into an animal): *chuckles* Oh Emma, she's such a klutz sometimes; she's so cute.

El Cristal de Caballero 

Jax: What am I doing? Heroes don't do chores.

Kanay vs. Kanay 

Jax (to Andi): Why not Andi the ferret?!

The Truth About Kanays 

Jax (at Daniel with yogurt in his hair): It's an improvement I'd say; very, 'dairy chic'.

New Witch Order 

Jax (to Emma ): Everything I've done this year, everything I've accomplished, it's all for you.
Jax (to Emma): I believe in my heart that you and I belong together.

Stuck in a Storm 

Jax (to Daniel): Actually, no, I like to air dry. The cold invigorates me.

A Tale of Two Lives 

Jax (to Diego): Us Sharks gotta look out for each other, right?

Power in a Bottle 

Jax (to Emma about Jessie): She might be an annoying pest, but she's MY annoying pest.
Jax (to Maddie, after he made her spill paint on her couch): Well sorry. White furniture? You're basically asking for it.
Jax (to Emma ): It's so weird to hear that word family, I mean, applied to me.

Stop Emma 

Jax (to Emma): Let's do it. Let's strip Jake Novoa of his powers, forever.

A Girl's Sacrifice 

Jax (to Emma): That's true, but it's also a new beginning.

Powers and Abilities


  • He is the American counterpart of Axel Velez.
  • His magic is blue and black smoke.
  • His gesture is twirling his index finger around and putting his thumb on his finger.
  • Jessie uses part of Jax's gesture.
  • He has 4 clones.
  • His dad doesn't approve of his clones
  • His ex-girlfriend is Evil Emma.
  • He swims for The Sharks.
  • He loves to use his powers.
  • Emma is his girlfriend, he had a huge crush on her.
  • He has a clone named Junior.
  • He kissed E in Double Trouble.
  • Jax tries to get in between Emma and Daniel's love triangle.
  • He shows his softer side around Emma.
  • He is Ornithophobic which means he's afraid of birds.
  • He got over this fear in Rebel Emma but in season 4 he seems to still be scared of them.
  • He first kissed Emma in About a Wizard.
  • He got his powers back and broke up with Tessa in The Abyss.
  • His father lied to him about his mother and erased his memory of Liana Novoa and Jessie Novoa.
  • Elvis is his hair inspiration.
  • He is portrayed by Rahart Adams.
  • He is entitled as "The Rebel with a Halo" by Jemma fans from the song "Nobody Does It Like You" by Selena Gomez.
  • He and Andi found the El Cristal De Caballero.
  • He has his first dance with Emma in The Truth About Kanays.
  • He was turned into a Kangaroo in Kangaroo Jax.
  • Emma chose to be with him instead of Daniel in the season 3 finale, New Witch Order.
  • He has a long lost sister named Jessie Novoa, who also appears in W.I.T.s Academy.
  • His house is seen in Season 4.
  • A lot about Jax's personal life is shown in Season 4.


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