Hey! Watch the hair!
~ Maddie to the Hexoren when she firsts opens it.

“I Said, Upside Down”
Season 1, Episode 9
I said upside down
Air Date

January 13, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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I Said, Upside Down is the 9th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way. The episode premiered to an audience of 1.90 million viewers.


Maddie turns a classroom upside down, trapping Emma, Andi, and Tony inside; Julio tells Diego the truth about his powers in order to save Mac; Daniel tells Emma that he likes her and wants to date her.



  • Daniel tells Emma he wants to go out with her.
  • Daniel tells Emma he likes her.
  • Maddie turns a classroom upside down with Emma,Andi,and Tony inside.
  • Maddie later undo's the spell.
  • Daniel's dad helps him break the spell placed upon him.
  • Emma and Andi plan to get the Hexoren back.
  • Maddie tells Andi that she and Daniel are back together, and to spread the word.
  • Daniel finds out Diego turned Mac into a block of ice, while Mac and Diego ar shocked that he's back together with Maddie.
  • Emma tells to Tony that she's a witch.
  • Ursula finds out Maddie has the Hexoren.
  • Gigi is absent in this episode, but is mentioned.


Ursula: Maddie-Winky, are you okay? (Maddie closes the Hexoren, hides it, and opens the door for her mother)I-I was in the living room reading and-
Maddie: You, were reading, a book?
Ursula: Yes, I read, books. I am in a book club after all.
Maddie: A fake one you invented.
Ursula: Whateves-er. I heard noises, are you okay?
Maddie: I'm fine, why? You just wanted to come in and spy.
Ursula (gasping): Careful, that rhymed. You don't want to cast spells in front of people accidently, or, on purpose.
Maddie: Yeah, yeah. No one can know I'm a witch.
Ursula: AND, you definitely don't want to cast spells ON people, particularly spells that dramatically change their appearance or behavior, it's just, to noticeable. Promise me that.
Maddie (looking away): Mhm. (Ursula tries to look at Maddie but she keeps looking away)
Ursula: Aha! I knew it, what did you do?!
Maddie: Um, I might have cast a teensy, tiny, insignificant, little spell.
Ursula: Oh, Maddie!
Principal: He must be a descendant of the last Kanay family. (referring to Diego)
Julio: Wow, so you've never seen one before?
Principal: No, I wonder what kind of frog a kanay would make.
Julio: Are you sure you bewitched all those frogs' parents so they're not wondering where their kids are?
Principal: Of course. I have a spread sheet that I use to keep track.
Julio: So, what now?
Principal: Well, can't have a kanay running around during the eclipse. They're so unpredictable with their 'honor' and 'loyalty'. Bring him to me afterschool tomorrow.
Julio: You are not gonna hurt him, are you?
Principal: Of course not. We'll just have a nice chat and, well, if he gets difficult, there's always room for one more amphibian in my little aquarium.
Tony: Okay, I can figure out exactly what happened. The upcoming full moon and eclipse caused a super-strong gravitational pull that flipped us upside down.
Andi (aside to Emma): Look at that, Tony trying to use logic to figure this one out, so sad.


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