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“I-Guana Dance With You”
Season 1, Episode 10
I-Guana Dance With You
Air Date

January 14, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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I Said, Upside Down


I-Guana You Back

I-Guana Dance With You is the 10th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way. The episode premiered to an audience of 1.77 million viewers, which is the lowest amount of viewers for Season 1.

Summary Edit

The Principal catches Maddie in the middle of a spell; Julio and Lily realize that they are both part of the Magic Realm; Emma is asked to erase Tony's memory.



  • Emma was going to tell Daniel she was a witch until Lily arrived.
  • Diego's powers go haywire after accidently baking the cookies with his hands for Tommy's birthday party.
  • The T3 minus Melanie pour blue oatmeal on Maddie.
  • The Principal stops Maddie from casting a spell on Emma and Daniel.
  • Maddie gives the Principal information on Emma.
  • Daniel invites Emma to Tommy's birthday party.
  • It appaers Tommy and Robbie took a sabbatical from school.
  • Julio and Lily realize they both know about magic.
  • The Panthers believe Maddie turned Daniel into a lizard.
  • Gigi is absent for this episode she is only mentioned by Maddie.


Daniel (coming through Emma's window and hurts his foot): Ow! *Emma shrieks*
Emma: What are you doing?
Daniel: You wouldn't answer my calls and your dad keeps closing the door on me, so I, uh-
Emma: So you decided to go all stalker on me-
Daniel: Please, just hear me out. I don't know what came over me this week. It's like a was possessed or something.
Emma: Okay, go on.
Daniel: But, I wanted to tell you that, I like you.
Emma: You do?
Daniel: Yes. Your quirky, your a little bit cheesy, and you definitely talk a lot.
Emma: Gee, thanks.
Daniel: No no no, I meant that as a compliment, but lately I can't say anything right. Like yesterday, I kept saying the opposite of what I meant. It's like I was under a spell or something.
Emma (looking panicky, tries to cover it up): What? No, definitely not mine I mean, I can' cast spells that's totally preposterous. (he only smiles at her)
Daniel: See what I mean? You're funny, you're strange, and you're unpredictable. And now that I think I can say what I mean, I wanted to tell you that (turning to face her) I think about you all the time, and I want to go out with you.
Emma: What about Maddie?
Daniel: I'm going to go talk to her, and I'm going to tell her that it's over, for good. You know, she didn't always used to be like this, but lately all she does is lie and manipulate. But you're different, see with you, what you see if what you get and I love that.
Sophie: The oatmeal's not coming off. You just have to accept that this is your new look. I'd call it, blueberry chic. (Maddie looks angry)
Katie: Wait! Why don't you just cast a spell?
Maddie: That's right, I can fix this, AND I can rid the world of that little vermilion that is, Emma.
Sophie: I think you mean vermin. Vermilion is a shade of red derived from the center of our aura which- (Maddie throws oatmeal on her, and cats a spell to make herself clean)
Maddie: C'mon Panthers. We're going on a witch hunt.
Maddie (in a video chat): Hey Daniel!
Daniel: Hey Maddie, the terrible three minus one have something to say. (moves his camera to them)
Tommy: It's my birthday, so I don't have to say sorry.
Daniel (hissing): That's not it, do it how we practiced!
Robbie: We are really sorry about the blue oatmeal thing.
Maddie: It WAS you!
Robbie: And, we'll pay for dry cleaning your clothes, with our allowance.
Maddie: Okay, I forgive them. Now you forgive me, and let's get back together!
Daniel: Sorry not gonna happen but, thanks for being so understanding. (closes chat)


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