Hexoren Floating
Full Name



Hex (by Andi,Emma,Lily,Jax,Philip, Jessie)
Hexie (by Emma,Andi,Jessie)
Hexasaurus and other incorrect names (by Maddie) Glorified Comic Book (by Jax Novoa in BF-Never)
Glorified Dictionary (by Maddie in Beachside 7)

Resides In

Miami, Florida


Magical Book of Spells


Andi Cruz (Best Friend)
Emma Alonso (Owner/Close Friend)
Jax Novoa (Good Friend)
Philip (Good Friend)
Jessie Novoa (Friend)
Maddie Van Pelt (Arch Enemy)
Maria Alonso (Former Owner/Deceased)


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First Seen


The Hexoren is a book first found by Emma in Season 1. It consists of multiple spells that witches and wizards can use. The Chosen One is the one to most likely have it because Emma still has it in Season 2. Though Maddie stole the Hexoren in Season 1 and Emma later took it back. The book can fly, open itself up, can somewhat communicate, and more! Based on the Hexoren's personality, Andi nicknamed him "Hex" and they are best friends.

The Hexoren has loads of spells inside that helped Emma reverse Maddie's evil spells and helped her on the way of learning to control her powers and gave her everything she needed to know about defeating The Principal. After The Principal's defeat he became very loyal to Emma, and closer to Andi.


  • Maddie constantly pronounces his name wrong.
  • He once belonged to Emma's mother.
  • He can cast spells as seen in Zombie Rescue Team, he got Philip out of the game.
  • Andi and now Phillip are the only humans who understand him.
  • He is very loyal to Emma and Andi.
  • Jax, Jessie, Philip, and Daniel have also befriended him.
  • According to Nurse Lily in I Said, Upside Down, spells do not work on the Hexoren, even though a few casted at him in WITs Academy were successful.
  • The Hexoren left Emma in What If?, after seeing that she's out of control with her powers and stayed with Andi temporarily.
  • Emma loaned the Hexoren to Andi while she's attending the WITS Academy.


Fanmade Conjurepdia/Hexorens

Some users have made their own Conjurepedias and Hexorens. Here are some photos of one persons Conjurepedia so far:

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