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About the Show

Every Witch Way is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on January 1, 2014. It is the American version of the Nickelodeon Latin American show Grachi. It follows a teenage girl called Emma Alonso (Paola Andino) and she learns that she is a witch! She meets new people, Andi Cruz (Daniela Nieves), Maddie Van Pelt (Paris Smith), Sophie Johnson (Autumn Wendel), Katie Rice (Denisea Wilson), Diego Rueda (Tyler Alvarez), Jax Novoa (Rahart Adams), Gigi Rueda (Zoey Burger), Mia Black (Elizabeth Elias) and her neighbor Daniel Miller (Nick Merico), along the way! Join the magical experience of Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon!

Monthly Features
Featured Character

Daniel Horatio Miller is easy to crush on, but not so easy to beat in the pool. A sporty Shark with super smarts. Daniel doesn't have powers, but he could cast a spell on any girl, drumming up the drama.
Featured Pairing

Emma and Jax reconcile

Jemma is the romantic/friendship pairing of the main characters Jax Novoa and Emma Alonso.

Emma and Jax met in Jax of Hearts after talking to Daniel and Diego. Francisco called her into his office, while Emma was walking in, she saw Jax sitting in the chair in front of her dad's desk. Jax has been in love with Emma ever since then.

Featured Episode


"A World Without You" is the 1st episode of Season 4 of Every Witch Way.

The strange and unexpected consequences of Emma's difficult decision to choose Jax have produced a world in which everyone else seems to have completely forgotten about Daniel, although she retains all of her emotions and memories of him.

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