General Information
Nickname Emily
Intimacy Level Close Friends
Former Guardian (Emma's Side)
Former Charge (Lily's Side)
Friendship Started The Big Chill – Present
Friendship Status Close Friends
Emily (Emma/Lily) was the pairing between Emma Alonso and Lily.

The pairing formed in The Big Chill; on the episode that marked Lily's debut.

They were portrayed by Paola Andino and Melissa Carcache.

Emily Moments

Season 1

The Big Chill

  • Lily spies on Emma and Andi; marking Lily's debut.
  • Lily knows that Emma is a witch, and tells her that she is one too, but Emma denies it.
  • Lily reveals that Emma may be The Chosen One and that her powers can be stolen during The Eclipse.
  • She also tells her that she is her Guardian and stationed at Iridium as a nurse, and tells she teaches her about magic and protect her until after the eclipse.
  • Lily walks Emma home.
  • Lily tells Emma that she's sorry about her mom and she's heard good things about her.
  • Lily is impressed with Emma's powers.
  • Lily knows she wants to be ordinary to fit it, but tells her she is extraordinary.
  • Lily tells Emma witches don't really ride a broom like on TV.

I'm a Witch

  • Lily sneaks up on Emma after the race.
  • She said she saw Emma and Maddie fighting with spells.
  • Lily warns her about how she should use magic.
  • Emma asks Lily how she knows she's the Chosen One.
  • Lily says once she's further along they can test if her powers are as strong as they should be.
  • Lily tells Emma she needs to find the Hexoren, the book of spells that glows, which Emma already has.

Magic Fight Club

  • Emma went to Lily for help undoing her spell.
  • She said she's seen worse, witches looking like Cher, Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga in her meat dress. They both shiver at the last one.
  • She asked where the Hexoren was, assuming Emma found it. Emma asked her how she knew, and she said she didn't, but now she does.
  • Emma says she put the Hexoren in a safe place, and her bag moves closer to her, which leads to Lily asking of that's it. Emma says, "surprise!" 
  • Lily says she can't risk anyone being suspicious about you, even if it means lying.
  • Emma says she doesn't like to lie, and isn't good at it, saying she overcompensates with details that end up not making sense.
  • Lily said she has to be careful, saying the Chosen One is further alone by now but remembers her mother is not with her. She apologizes and says she knows this is a lot to take in, but Emma can't risk anyone knowing you're a witch.
  • Emma told Lily she thinks he Principal saw her and Maddie having a "spell fight."
  • They both think the Principal is hiding something, and cringe when talking about her frog aquarium.

Monkey Business

  • Lily needs Emma and Andi's help when Maddie turns her into a monkey.
  • Lily tries to tell Emma that The Principal is a witch and she's after her but turns into a real monkey due to Maddie's spell.
  • Emma is concerned about Lily.

Monkey Business II

  • She asked Andi to watch over Lily in monkey form while she went to school.
  • Emma was able to turn Lily back into a person.
  • Lily says she forgot the person who is after Emma.
  • Emma doesn't want animal control to take Lily away.


  • Nurse Lily said she can't remember much after being turned back.
  • She is shocked to find out Emma changed her back but upset that Julio might have seen her.
  • Lily saves Emma from the Principal's grasp.
  • She tells Emma there is someone evil and powerful after her, but she can't remember who it is.
  • Lily tells her to bring the Hexoren tomorrow, as it has protection spells.

I Said, Upside Down

  • Nurse Lily said Emma has to get the Hexoren back.
  • She also says spells don't work on the Hexoren, so she'll have to do it "the old-fashioned way" and steal it back.
  • Emma wasn't sure what the old fashioned way was for Lily due to their age difference.
  • Lily was offended by this, and Emma tried to cover it up by saying she's not old, and she meant she's in the generation above her.
  • Emma then says she'll shut up so Lily can tell her how to get the Hexoren back.
  • Later, Lily is upset that Tony knows about magic, and that's the second time he saw a spell.
  • Lily tells Emma that she will have to erase his memory, but Emma doesn't want to do that to her friend.
  • Lily says she likes that Emma is a nice person, but is a little too nice as a witch.

I-Guana Dance With You

  • Lily comes barging into Emma's house, not knowing Daniel is there.
  • They say that she is Emma cousin's brother's sister's stepson's aunt.
  • Lily said her "cousin" Francisco invited her over for dinner.
  • Emma asked why she came over, and Lily said to come up with a plan to get the Hexoren back so she can help Emma get ready for the eclipse.
  • Emma asked how she got in, and Lily says she has a key to her house, one of the things in her standard guardians kit.
  • She also says it has everything she needs to keep an eye on you.
  • Emma says it cool, but don't let Andi see it, or it will go missing as well.
  • Lily confronted Emma about almost telling Daniel about her powers.
  • Emma denies it and Lily says she's a bad liar.
  • Emma asks how she knew she was lying, and Lily said she didn't but now she does.
  • Emma says she is one of those adults.
  • Lily says it's sometimes necessary to keep secrets.
  • They get interrupted when Emma's dad comes home.
  • Emma transports Lily to the pool.

I Heart Beau

  • Lily tells Andi that Emma is in a lot of danger.
  • She also says if Emma doesn't get the Hexoren back and Emma prepared, they may not be friends for much longer.
  • After Andi tells Emma how much trouble she's in, Emma says Andi sounds like Lily.


  • Emma confides in Lily and tells her that Andi is now a Panther, to which Lily replies to as scary.
  • Lily says they have bigger problems, but Emma protests that Andi is her best friend and she's not leaving her behind.
  • Lily says that's a little overdramatic, but it will do and complies.
  • Emma asks if she will train her, but Lily says she has to be all in since they don't have a lot of time.
  • Emma vows to defeat Maddie, but Lily says Maddie isn't her biggest threat and says there's another witch, the Principal.

Walk Like a Panther

  • Emma hopes Lily isn't mad at her for telling Tony about magic.

Lily Frog

  • Lily buys Emma some time by leading Julio and the Principal to believe that Maddie is the Chosen One.

Witch's Flu

  • Andi tells Emma that Lily is now a frog thanks to the Principal.

The Chosen One

  • Emma turns Lily back into a person and hugs her.
  • Lily tells her knew she was right about her.
  • During the party, Emma tells Lily that she may have lost her powers, and asks if the realm has room for another guardian.
  • Lily says she knew that Emma would be a great witch.
  • They are seen in the audience enjoying Daniel's song, with Coach Julio behind Lily.

Season 2

Jax of Hearts

  • Lily tells Emma the Witches Council is upset Emma revealed the Magic Realm to humans.
  • Lily asked if Emma knows about the Fool Moon, which happens every 20 years and makes witches go "bonkers."
  • Lily tells her not to dismiss it, and strange things will happen until the New Moon rises.
  • Lily tells Emma she can't date Daniel or the council will take away her powers.
  • Emma retorts and says they can't tell her what to do, but Lily says they can since she is a witch.
  • Emma then says they're going to have to say it to her face.
  • Lily wishes she hadn't said that.

Runaway Witch

  • Emma and Andi go see Lily only to find that the Witches Council is there, telling her how she almost drowned them.
  • Lily seemed shocked and angry when she found out Emma sent the Council to the pool.
  • Lily tries to defend Emma against the council.
  • They both looked around, confused as to where Ramona went to.
  • After lunch, Emma goes to Lily's office, asking what do they do now that Ramona is missing.
  • Emma seems upset when they pick Lily as the new member of the Council.
  • Emma asks Lily what is she has questions, and Lily tells her Desdemona volunteered to watch over her while she is in training.
  • When Lily asks if she doesn't like her, Emma says she's not the warmest person and doesn't know if she can go to her for advice.
  • Lily gives her a magic mobile phone in case of emergencies.
  • Lily says be sure to take care of the Hex.
  • Emma seems scared, asking what if the Principal comes back, or Maddie gets her powers back, or Daniel find out about her powers.
  • Lily is surprised to hear Emma still didn't tell him, and Emma said he hasn't asked.
  • Lily says she shouldn't lie, but Emma says that he was so happy that she's normal, and he's cute when he's happy.
  • Lily tells her she has to fix it.
  • Lily tells her and Andi that the sound was her alarm, and that means it's time for her to go.
  • Lily says she's learned a lot, and that she's really proud of Emma.
  • They hug.
  • She leaves Emma to go train for the Council.

Daniel Who?

  • Lily is summoned Emma to help her reverse Daniel's memory wiping spell.
  • Lily is worried when Emma tells her Daniel's memory has been wiped and scolds her after finding out he doesn't even remember who he is.
  • Lily says she can help but asks if she wants her to.
  • Lily explains that as the Chosen One, she will have a lot of enemies, and she puts the humans that know about her in danger.
  • Emma incredulously asks if Lily think she should just leave Daniel with no memory, but Lily says she should consider it, saying that he'll be safe, and they won't have to take her powers.
  • Lily leaves her to think, and she goes back to council training.

No Can Do

  • Lily along with Desdemona and Agamemnon visit Emma to see how she was coping with the Fool Moon.
  • Emma secretly tells Lily Daniel's memory is back, and she knows who helped her and who didn't when he lost it, which seems to hurt Lily.
  • Lily agreed with the Council that Emma must decide by the end of the Fool Moon to either break up with Daniel or lose her powers.
  • Lily did not back up Emma when Emma asked Lily for help.
  • Lily tried to stop Agamemnon from teletransporting Emma and Andi away, but she was too late.

Werewolves in Siberia

  • Lily is seen talking to Agamemnon about Emma at breakfast and says she hopes she learned her lesson.
  • Emma is summoned by Agamemnon and appears in front of him and Lily.
  • Emma says it wasn't nice of them to teleport her here, waking her from her sleep.
  • Lily insists they were just checking in and asks about her trip.
  • She sarcastically said it was awesome, and Lily scolds her, telling her it wasn't funny.
  • Emma insists she gets it, they're more powerful than she is, for now, which makes Lily and Agamemnon look at her in disbelief.
  • Emma quickly apologizes and takes it back.
  • Emma is then transported back to her bed from the cafeteria with Lily and Agamemnon.

Double Trouble

  • Lily is seen talking to Agamemnon and Desdemona about Emma, saying strong-arming her won't help.
  • Lily thinks she should go back to being Emma's guardian until after the Fool Moon.

The Emma Squad

  • Lily came over to talk to Emma about Daniel.
  • When her clone mocks her dad, Lily says he sounds strange.
  • Emma tries to cover it up by saying he has a cold and if she stays the council might find out.
  • Lily agrees and says she had better go.


  • Lily flashes into Emma's house to talk to her and sees her about to put a spell on a bag of candy.
  • Lily asks what was she doing to the candy.
  • Emma lies and says she was just changing the flavor but confesses that she was putting a love spell on it.
  • Lili asked why would she need to put a love spell on Daniel, and Emma tells her he broke up with her.
  • Lily seems happy and realizes that the Council won't have to take her powers anymore.
  • Lily says Emma can now focus on controlling her powers.
  • Emma retorts and says she has no problem controlling them, but Lily tells her the Council picked up irregular magic activity, which had to be the Chosen One.
  • Lily tells Emma she can trust her.
  • Emma tells her about the clones.
  • Lily freaks out when she finds out there was more than one clone and tells Emma if the Council finds out, they'll take away her powers.

Emma Wants a Cracker

  • Lily asks Andi and Daniel what's going on, and they tell her about Emma turning herself into a parrot.
  • Lily tells them to go find her, and bring her back here, with the Hex, and someone who can cast a reversal spell.
  • Lily is upset that the bird Andi found wasn't Emma.

About a Wizard

Season 3

The Beachside 7

  • Lily arrives with Desdemona and Agamemnon after finding out she froze time.
  • Lily tells Emma how dangerous it is.
  • Emma defends Lily when they Council blames Lily for Emma's training not being 'up to par' so to speak.

Rebel Emma

  • Lily tells Andi that Emma is at Rebel's Boot Camp.
  • Lily tells Andi that Emma needs to learn how to control her powers.
  • Lily tells Andi that Emma froze the world when she said Emma wouldn't do something so obvious.

Spider No More

  • Lily defends Emma and encourages Agamemnon to let her try to get rid of the seal.

Back To Back

  • Lily is seen looking at Emma and Maddie for any spell residue.
  • Lily compliments her on Emma's dental hygiene.
  • Lily urges that the cristal pieces on Emma and Maddie have to be taken off.
  • They are later seen back in the office trying to use Diego's fire to melt the bond.

El Cristal de Caballero

  • Lily tells Emma she is confident the seal is gone.
  • Emma tells Lily she is certain Mia is responsible.
  • Emma asks since Mia took it off does it mean it her, to begin with.
  • Lily says seals may be transferable between kanays.

Invisible Me

  • Lily is shocked to find out she cast a spell to turn invisible while holding the crystal.
  • Emma asks Lily to help her undo her invisibility.
  • Lily says she has to ask Desdemona and Agamemnon, but Emma pleads not to since they think she's a troublemaker.
  • Lily reminds her that they'll find out soon since they have a meeting.
  • Lily says she will try to help her without bringing the Council into it, and Emma hugs her.


  • Lily admits to Emma that the kangaroo is Jax, which makes her freak out.
  • Lily agrees when Emma says that Agamemnon shouldn't have let Jax the Kangaroo run loose in the school.
  • Lily hoped that Emma's spell worked, but it didn't.
  • Emma whispers to Lily that Hex pulled a zombie out of the game, which surprises her.
  • Lily tries to compromise with Emma and the Council.
  • Lily agrees with Emma when she says having a kangaroo running around the school can risk the magic realm being exposed.
  • Lily suggests that the Council change Jax back if Emma gets rid of the zombie.
  • Lily urges her to fix the zombie situation fast, as she needs to stay focused on taking down the kanay and getting the crystal back.

Magical Throwdown

  • Emma calls Lily for help on turning Philip human.
  • Lily warns her about the consequences of this spell.
  • Emma asks why is everyone a big deal out of this.
  • Lily says the consequences could be devastating, especially for her.

Season 4

A World Without You

  • Emma goes to the Council for help in getting Daniel back.
  • Lily tells her that she didn't choose Jax over Daniel, she chose Jax over them as her Chosen One advisor.
  • She later goes to Lily's office with Andi to find out what is happening.
  • Lily says it more than likely a power outage but could be a Continuum Break, which only happens to Chosen Ones.
  • Lily tells her that she can't bring Daniel back because it's too dangerous and she would only have 5 days to get him to remember his old life.

Road Trippin'

  • When Emma asks or else what, she tries to avoid it and tells them they'll talk more tomorrow.
  • Lily tells her about the only other documented case of a CB.
  • Emma looks worried when Lily tells her it resulted in the guy vanishing after the Council failed to make him remember his old life.
  • Emma asks Lily to chaperone their trip to the Everglades to find Daniel, and she agrees.

Ever In the Everglades

  • They tour the sanctuary with the group.
  • Lily now believes it may be a Continuum Break, seeing as Emma knows a lot about the Millers.

Stuck in a Storm

  • Lily insists to go with them to find Gig, Katie, and Sophie.
  • Lily tells her they have to leave without Daniel
  • Lily urges Emma not to tell him about the Break.

A Tale of Two Lives

  • Lily agrees with Andi, telling Emma that she is being a bit selfish.
  • Lily tells Emma she has no idea what she's dealing with.
  • Lily tells her she set a new Break in motion.
  • Emma retorts, saying she has to try, and no one understands because they didn't send him here.
  • Lily tells her they can't leave in the middle of a storm, so they're staying the night.
  • Lily tries to explain to Emma what she just did and urges Andi to explain as well.
  • Lily bunks with Emma and Andi for the night.

Diego's Wipedown

  • Emma called Lily over to help her bring back Daniel's boa.
  • Lily says she can't because he's from Daniel's other life.
  • Lily told Emma that the Council warned her about the consequences.
  • Emma admits that she shouldn't have done it, and wants to bring back Billy so Daniel won't hate her.
  • Lily comforts Emma, who was on the verge of tears.

Back to Square One

  • Lily scolds Emma after she tells the Council they're not powerful enough to turn back time.
  • Lily believes she can get Emma to listen to her about not messing with time.
  • Emma seems upset that Lily will not help her and blows out the lights in her office.
  • Lily is hesitant to help the Council strip Emma of her powers.
  • After finding out she stopped time twice, she too thinks Emma's powers should be stripped.
  • Lily tells her they are taking her powers.

Power in a Bottle

  • Lily is upset with Emma when she overuses her powers.
  • Lily wants to take away Emma's powers temporarily.
  • Lily said she's on Emma's side but she's out of control.
  • Lily is astonished to find out she learned a reflection spell and stripped the Council of their powers.
  • Emma purposely bumps into Lily in the hallway.

Stop Emma

  • Lily agrees with the rest of the group that Emma needs to understand the consequences that come with her decision.

Mommie Dearest

  • She is seen at the "witchervention" at the Seven, stopping Emma from leaving.
  • She tells her no one here is against her and they have her best interest at heart.
  • Lily, along with the Council, the Panthers, Andi, and Diego plead their cases to Emma.

A Girl's Sacrifice

  • Emma admits to her that Andi getting hurt is all her fault.
  • Lily tells Emma that Liana is after her, not Andi, and assures her she'll be fine.
  • Lily agrees with Maddie, saying she has to be careful texting Andi, as it might be Liana.
  • Lily then suggests getting Emma into the realm, away from Liana.
  • Lily urges Emma into giving everyone their powers back after Liana was sent to Limbo.
  • Emma takes Lily's advice on bringing her mom back.


  • Lily is Emma's Guardian.
  • Lily has a key to her house.
  • According to Desdemona one of the reasons Lily is picked to join the witches council is because she has earned Emma's trust proving that Emma really trusts Lily as a friend and a sister figure.
  • Lily believes in Emma and is one of her biggest fans.


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  • Both are witches although Lily doesn't have any powers.
  • Their both involved with the Magic Realm.


  • Emma has powers while Lily doesn't.
  • Emma's a witch while Lily is a Guardian, and now a member of the Witches Council.
  • Emma is a teenager, while Lily is an adult.