Yep, you're a witch.
~ Andi to Emma

Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date

January 1, 2014

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Caterina Ledeboer


Arturo Maniutt & Leonardo Galavis

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Discovery is the 1st episode of Season 1 and first episode overall of Every Witch Way. It first aired on January 1, 2014 to an audience of 3.06 million viewers.


Emma Alonso, a new girl in Miami, Florida, meets new students, and soon strange things start to happen to her after learning she's a witch. Andi, a tomboy, is Emma's new best friend. Her crush, Daniel, is the captain of The Sharks and Maddie's ex-boyfriend. Emma and Maddie soon become enemies when Maddie wants to get back together with Daniel after he dumps her. Daniel and Emma start to have feelings for each other.



  • This is the first episode of Every Witch Way.
  • This is when Emma meets Andi, her new best friend.
  • This reveals that Emma is a witch.
  • This reveals that Emma mother's death occurred while Emma was young.
  • Strange things start happening to Emma.
  • Emma meets her crush Daniel for the first time in this episode.
  • The teams, The Panthers and Sharks are introduced in this episode.
  • Maddie finds out she's a witch along with Emma.
  • Maddie turns Katie's hair blue.
  • Daniel and Maddie breakup for good.
  • Daniel asks Maddie to babysit his siblings.
  • Ursula, Coach Julio, Fransisco, T3, Gigi, Rick, Christine and Sebastian all make a recurring appearance.
  • This episode started Nickelodeon's "One Month Event" as this season aired all of January.


Andi: Hey! Nice toolbox! I have a high impact fully-gasketed jx150 myself.
Emma: Oh, it's not for tools, it's for my glitter.
Andi: Glitter? (Emma opens it and shows Andi) Uh, my eyes!
Emma: C'mon, don't you scrapbook? (pulls out glitter glue) I used this to paint my shoes!
Andi: How about we rewind? Hi, I'm Andi. I live down the street.
Emma (shaking her hand): Hi, I'm Emma. Nice to meet you.
Andi (sees her struggling): Need a little help?
Emma: Yea sure, grab a box. (Andi drops a box and everything falls out)
Andi: Well, look at that? You got half a library in here! (Emma picks up the Hexoren for the first time, and it glows)
Emma: Whoa, what?
Andi: What's the matter?
Emma: Nothing, it's just, looks like this book is glowing or something.
Andi: Oh! (picking it up)
Emma: I think it was my mom's.
Daniel: I hate math. And the new teacher looks like a total snooze!
Emma: That would be my dad. (sighs)
Daniel (realizing his mistake): A snooze, that's a slang. You know, fun, cool, sick?
Emma: That's okay. I'll make sure to make fun of your mom when I meet her. I mean, not that I'd meet her because you-I mean just like hypothetically if I ran into her on the street or something. And she'd be like "I'm Daniel's mom!" and I'd be like, "Oh, really? Cool! You're sick!" I mean sick in a cool way (laughs) Okay, can we rewind back to-well, back to even before we met because I've been embarrassing myself since then?
Daniel: Don't worry. It's cute. Awkward, but cute.
Ursula: Maddie, calm down! (Maddie calms down. The storm stops). And so it begins. Finally.
Maddie: Mom! What was that?
Ursula: (Looking confused) Ah, must be some kind of El-Nino? Uh, El-Nino's brother-in-law. El Cunado?
Maddie: Well, he owes me a new pair of shoes.
Ursula: How many shoes can a 14-year-old possibly need?
Sophie: 399 pairs! One for every day of the year.
Andi (after seeing the brush appear in Emma's hand): Okay, if something else moves, I swear I'm going home.
Emma: It's okay! Just, think happy thoughts!
Andi (closing her eyes and thinking): Okay. Uh, great white sharks, zombies, hockey games, my toolbox, more zombies-
Emma (irritated): Those are not happy thoughts! Think, glitter, balloons, sweet tarts, rainbows, puppies, and pink hearts!
Andi (sarcastically): Cute, even did a little rhyme there. (they both heard her closet move) Uh, what was that?
Emma: (after the closet opens and balloons, hearts, etc. pop out. They scream) What was that?!
Andi: I'm not sure, but my great-grandmother used to tell me these stories about...
Emma: About what?
Andi (whispering): Witches.
Emma (laughing): Witches, and you believe her?
Andi: Do you have a better explanation for any of this?
Emma: Yes. There's a *motions to something* and it, uh *motions with hands* and then, that makes, voila.
Andi: Oh yeah, that makes way more sense than what I said! Look, you wished for all those hearts, and they appeared, exactly how grammy grams described.
Emma (not convinced): C'mon you really think I'm a-
Andi (interrupting her): Yep; you're a witch.


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