Daniela Nieves




Date of Birth

July 4, 1997

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light Brown




Andi Cruz

Daniela Nieves is an actress from Columbia and is best known for her former main role as Andi Cruz on Every Witch Way and her former protagonist role on the spin off show, W.I.T.s Academy; which only made one season and got cancelled.


Daniela Nieves
Little daniela

Daniela when she was a kid.

Daniela Nieves (born July 4, 1997) is a Venezuelan actress, best known for playing Andrea "Andi" Cruz on the Nickelodeon series Every Witch Way and WITs Academy (the spin off of Every Witch Way). Nieves's other appearances include Una Maid en Manhattan, El Rostro de Analía and La viuda de Blanco. She moved from Venezuela to United States at 4 months old.


Year Part Title Role
2014–15 Main Cast Every Witch Way Andi Cruz
2015 Guest Talia in the Kitchen (crossover episode) Andi Cruz
2015 Protagonist W.I.T.s Academy Andi Cruz


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  • She is reffered to by many of her cast mates as the "jokester" or the funniest person on set.
  • She is best friends with Paola Andino, Denisea Wilson and Tyler Alvarez in real life. That is Emma, Katie and Diego.
  • Her star sign is cancer.
  • She continued as the lead role in the spin off show W.I.T.s Academy.
  • In the series, her character (Andi Cruz), has frizzy hair with a purple streak in her hair in Season 1. In Season 2, she has straight brown hair with a purple streak, continuing throughout the two other seasons of the show. When she continues her role as Andi; as the protagonist, she has light hair on the sequel show, W.I.T.s Academy.
  • Daniela was only one of three cast members who returned to W.I.T.s Academy, as a main cast member.

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