Actually, I'm allergic to lilies.
~ Lily to Jax after he made them appear

“Daniel Darko”
Season 3, Episode 6
Daniel Darko
Air Date

January 12, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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Neverending Summer


No More Mr. Nice Guy

Daniel Darko[1] is the 6th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma and Andi try to figure out what is causing Daniel's strange behavior; the T3 are framed for the Neverending Summer party debacle.


After Mia transfers the spider seal to the back of Daniel's neck, he starts to act wildly and breaks up with Emma. Daniel performs his song for Mia, which he meant for Emma. He then brings her up onstage and kisses her after he ends the song, right in front of Emma. Meanwhile, the T3 are framed for a prank the H2O did.

Emma runs off. Jax runs after her and comforts her. The next day, Daniel doesn't believe his siblings when they tell him the prank wasn't theirs and he locks them in the closet.

At Iridium High, Daniel welcomes Mia and makes Sebastian's locker hers. He teases Jax after he comes from Lily's office, causing him to use his powers. Mr. Alonso gives them both detention.

In detention, Daniel pretends to be asleep, causing Mr. Alonso to tell him to wash his face in the bathroom and to come back. Daniel playfully teases Mia, who is sitting on a bench, and tells her that he's ditching detention to go to The Seven with her. She holds on to his bag for him, while he goes to the bathroom, and she texts Emma to meet him at The Seven for a talk.

Back at Daniel's house, Christine takes away all of the T3's pranking gadgets. The T3 then come to their senses and try to get revenge on the H20. At the Seven, Daniel was about to tell Mia about Emma and Maddie's secrets, but Emma walks in and stops Daniel. Daniel asks her if she's stalking him, and that they're over and he's with Mia.



  • The title could be a reference to the 2001 movie Donnie Darko.
  • Daniel & Emma break up again, due to the influence of the spider seal.
  • The ship names Demma, Damia and Mianiel (Dia) are mentioned.
  • Jax comforts Emma by using his powers to give her blankets and hot cocoa and hugging her.
  • The H2O pull a prank at the beachside by spraying water on everyone.
  • The T3 are framed for the H20s prank.
  • Gigi believes Mia is trying to steal Daniel from her.
  • Lily becomes Jax's new guardian.
  • Daniel sang "Always You," meant for Emma, to Mia instead.
  • Mrs. Miller takes away all the T3's supplies.
  • Daniel and Jax get into another fight about Emma, and get detention.
  • Daniel skips detention to go to The Seven with Mia.
  • Mia texted Emma using Daniel's phone to meet him at The Seven.


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Maddie: What in the world is he doing?
Sophie: Ooh! Ooh! I know this one...singing!
Katie: Did you do something to him like cast a spell or something?
Maddie: Why would I? He must've realized Emma's no good for him all on his own.
Diego: Maddie!
Maddie: What?! Her waitressing skills alone are breakup worthy.
Diego: This is just so, un-Daniel like.
Katie: He's not acting that strange. (sees him rip his shirt off) Okay, I take it back.
Melanie: So much for us being heroes.
Robbie: We better get out of here before someone blames the prank on-
Tommy (showing them a wrench): Hey! Look what I found! Do you think it-
Diego (yelling): T3! (running up to them) You guys think this is funny?! You ruined the party, and Maddie's hair.
Tommy: It wasn't us! We swear.
Melanie: Yeah, it wasn't us; we came here to stop it.
Diego: Then what do you call that? (pointing to the wrench in Tommy's hand)
Robbie: Really bad timing?
Francisco: I love the smell of fresh pencils in the morning! (picks one up and give another to Emma, and they both smell them)
Andi (under her breath): Nerdiest tradition ever.
Francisco: You kids want a ride to school?
Emma: No thanks, Dad.
Francisco: Ah, I get it. It's not cool for you kids to be seen with a parent, huh? Not good for your swag? (elbowing Emma, which causes both her and Andi to give him funny looks)
Andi: Yeah, that's how we say it.