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Beau is originally a lizard. However, Maddie turned him into a human by mistake and then turned back.


Beau was very protective of Sophie Johnson, ready to protect her from Maddie Van Pelt and even stepping in front of a spell that would have given Sophie big ears. He doesn't know how to speak english but does know how to dougie ever since Sophie taught him how to. Even if he can't speak english he never seems to have a problem understanding people when they ask him things (when they asked what he did that day, he acted out swimming with the sharks.) And when Andi called the Panthers to tell them she had Beau he was on a laptop, this might show that he has some level of intelligence. We also know for a fact that he was playing Zombie Apocalypse on Andi's laptop. He is portrayed by Christian Harb.


Beau and Sophie were very close and enjoyed each others company. Sophie was sad to let Beau go but she realized that he was happy as a lizard.

Abilities Edit

Camouflage- Even though Maddie turned him into a human he was still able to blend in with objects. (Most likely because of his chameleon instincts)

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