He's not really French, Maddie.
~ Sophie about Beau

“Beach Ball”
Season 1, Episode 15
Beach Ball
Air Date

January 22, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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Beach Ball is the 15th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma and Daniel get emotional at Beach Ball. Meanwhile, Maddie and Diego share some information after his powers spiral out of control. Diego doesn't believe that Maddie is a witch, and she is surprised to find out he is a kanay. Lily and Andi make a discovery about the Principal.



  • Beau gets turned back into a lizard in this episode due to him becoming homesick.
  • Ursula admits that she always wanted a son, and gets emotional when Beau leaves.
  • The volleyball game is aganst the Dolphins, the same team they went against at the swim meet.
  • According to Julio, it is Beach Ball 2013.
  • Lily talks to Andi about being Emma's "guardian."
  • Diego uses his powers in front of everybody but he didn't intend to due to being mad at Gigi, reaveled to be his sister.
  • Julio reminds Diego to be more responsible with his powers.
  • Emma admits to Daniel that she and Tony are just friends.
  • Maddie becomes the fourth person to find out Diego is a kanay, including Julio and Lily.
  • Andi and Lily find pictures of the Principal from the decades she has been around.
  • It is revealed that "magical pictures" can be enhanced/zoomed in and out with a tap of a finger.
  • Lily visits into the Magic Realm to tell the Witches Council about the Principal.
  • Gigi finally makes an appearance after a long absence.


Katie: Don't scare it away.
Maddie: I got this. (walks to Hexoren, which snaps at her)
Sophie (to Maddie): That book really doesn't like you.
Maddie: No, it just....has an attitude problem.
Emma: I'll get it.
Maddie: NO. I can get it.
Ursula (taking off her heels): Okay, everybody step aside, I've got this! Hey come back here, come back here! (falls into a bush)
Maddie: It's gone. (to Emma) See what you did?
Emma: Me? You're the one who scared it away with your giant man-hands!
Maddie: My, WHAT?
Sophie: She was making fun of the enormous size and masculinity of your hand.
Katie: Shouldn't we be trying to hunt it down? It'd be really bad if people saw it flying around town.
Maddie: Yes, let's go find MY book.
Emma: I'm going. The Hex is probably flying back to its rightful home anyway.
Maddie: Hi, I'm Maddie, Maddie Van Pelt, Head Panther. Nice to meet you!
Diego: Seriously, nice to meet you? We've been classmates for like 10 years already.
Maddie: Psstf, I know who you are! (lowering her voice) Now tell me, what kind of spell was that? Soo....what kind was it?
Diego: What are you talking about? I don't-
Maddie (cutting him off): It's okay. I'm a, you know what, too. (winking)
Diego: No, I don't know what.
Maddie: You know! With the whoosh and the wee, and the ta-da!
Diego: Uh, Ta-da?
Maddie: YES! (sighs) I have powers too!
Diego: You? You're a kanay too?! Wait so you think that you're a- (stops when he sees Katie and Sophie)
Maddie: Oh, it's okay. They know.
Diego: ..a witch? That's ridiculous!
Maddie: You don't believe in witches, but you do believe you're the,the-
Diego: The last living member of an ancient tribe that controls fire, ice and other natural elements? yeah, because I am!


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