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General Information
Nickname Diandi
Intimacy Level Close Friends
Friendship Started Before Discovery - Present
Friendship Status Best Friends
Andiego (Andi and Diego) is the friendship pairing between Andi Cruz and Diego Rueda.

Andiego Moments

Season 1


The Big Rescue

The Big Chill

I'm a Witch

  • Andi pulls Diego into the circle and they both start salsa dancing at The Seven.

Magic Fight Club

Monkey Business

Monkey Business II


I Said, Upside Down

I-Guana Dance With You

I-Guana You Back

I Heart Beau


Walk Like a Panther

Beach Ball

Lily Frog

Witch's Flu

Hexoren Squared

Which Witch is Which?

The Chosen One

Season 2

The Breakup

  • Desdemona sends them to get new fake swords, but they come back with bread and salami from the cafeteria.


  • They throw food at each other and make pizza forts in the seven.

Zombie Rescue Team

  • Diego is unsure if he should help Andi or Mia.
  • Andi tries to persuade Diego by telling him they were friends first.

Season 3

Beachside 7

Season 4

Stuck in a Storm

  • Andi reminds Diego about not knowing how to ride the bumper cars at the carnival.
  • Diego is upset with Andi when she loses Gigi.

Monkey Face Emoji

  • Andi and Diego share their memories from kindergarten thanks to Emma's spell.
  • Diego used to call Andi "Sandy Andi" when they were kids.

Diego's Wipedown

  • They walk to Maddie's house together and see her, Emma, and Jax about to enter a magic fight.

A Girl's Sacrifice

  • They help stop Liana from taking over the realm.
    Andiego Goodbye Hug
  • They are relieved when Emma decides not to turn back time.
  • He along with the gang is there to say goodbye to Andi.
  • Diego hugs Andi goodbye as she ventures to the W.I.T.s Academy.


  • Both Andi and Diego are in the sharks.


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